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  1. What cause the issue is Reshade OpenGL32.dll. Now its known.
  2. I still having the same problem and the plane is unusable for me. Even on a second vanilla XP copy it freezes. The planes stays in Hangar right now for, I don't know how long it takes to fix this.
  3. I have started 1 flight 30 min ago, but did not finished that, I closed X-Plane after 20 min midflight again via task manager, Always, have to close Xplane like that, because with this aircraft, Xplane is crashing When I hit the usually close button. I restarted Xplane and I am getting the grey screen again and after pressing NO I am right now waiting since 20 min to get a reaction by Xplane, but nothing happens, it is frozen again. I have only these problems with this aircraft.
  4. Oh ok, I will try it next time.
  5. Thank you for quick response, but I am not using Multi Monitor setup. I can click on Yes or no. Till I am clicking one of the buttons the sim is running, but if I click on one of these buttons, Xplane begins to freeze and than nothing happens, I have to shut down Xplane via task manager.
  6. @skiselkov I am now a new owner of a copy from the TBM 900. But I can not use this Aircraft. I am getting CTD`s after installing the product. First load of the aircraft everything is working fine, the turtorial is starting and I can activate the TBM 900. After closing X-Plane 11 and starting it for a new flight I am getting a grey screen which is frozen after selecting the TBM in the menu and start flight. So the Product is unusable and I reinstalled it right now 5 times. I need a fix for that. Thank you.. Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
  7. Hello Guys, Does someone know, if the raindrop effects colaborate with xenviro or FSGRW in combomation with skymaxx pro4.6? Regards
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