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  1. I can report this issue shortly after takeoff and approaching cruise altitude (no clouds).
  2. Using the updated Navigraph cycle MMSL is also not in the database as well. I also tried the old ICAO of MM15 and that returned no result as well. May consider reaching out to Navigraph to see if something got missed with the cycle.
  3. Just out of curiosity how does the 737-300 perform when it is lightly loaded? I have found in the sim that with about 1,000 pounds of payload I climb out at just over 5000fpm initially and reach FL370 in just under 15 minutes (unrestricted climb). Is this pretty accurate in terms of real world performance? I'm sure there are occasional flights where there is little to no payload (at least for the 737 cargo aircraft).
  4. Also same thing with the CHT. I almost always have to bring the power back to low settings because I keep getting this warning. Once I bring the power back up to around 80%, the temp warning comes back on.
  5. For some reason I am getting a high oil pressure warning and a high manifold FF warning during takeoff and climb and I am not sure why. If I advance my throttle above 60-70% these warnings appear. The checklist I am following says to use 100% power during takeoff, but doing so will trigger these warnings. What am I doing wrong here?
  6. This time I made it about 1.5 hours before the sim crashed. All plugins loaded and it looks like something due to a Vulkan Device Loss Error. I believe this may be a bug with with XP 11.50, but I am not entirely sure. Log.txt
  7. First attempt at loading up the SR22 in v1.1 and once I turn the batteries on, the sim freezes and crashes to the desktop shortly after. Nothing related to a plugin showing in the log, but the last entry before the crash is this: 2020-11-20 01:13:48 libsvs[odb.c:534]: Downloading new obstacle data from "https://aeronav.faa.gov/Obst_Data/DAILY_DOF_CSV.ZIP" for region "US"
  8. It is better with no plugins or addon scenery enabled but still isn't as smooth as it used to be when it was running on my system. I'll attach my log file to see if anything seems out of the ordinary. Is the TBM fully compatible with Vulkan as is or is there an update planned for it? Log.txt
  9. I am still running into this issue even though 11.5 is now final. I went through and made sure all of my addons are compatible but it appears I only get this camera stutter with the TBM. It is especially noticeable when zooming in and out with the mouse wheel. There are half second pauses when I zoom in/out. I originally thought it was related to Gizmo, but disabling the plugin makes no difference (other than render the aircraft unusable obviously).
  10. Thanks for explaining it. Is there a reason why the stutters are more noticeable on the ground? Once I takeoff I don't really notice it. Maybe less detail rendering or something?
  11. Ok I'll try that. Frames with 11.5 have been anywhere from 40-50FPS. I haven't used the OpenGL version in awhile, but I recall the FPS being closer to 30 when I was using it. Frames are really good I just need to figure out the stuttering issue that is happening in 11.5.
  12. I am also having some issues with stuttering as well. Tried some of the solutions listed above, but I haven't had much success. GSync is on and I removed XPrealistic but I didn't see any performance difference when it was installed to begin with. I also tried messing around with the garbage collector feature and that helped somewhat, but the stutters are still quite prevalent. Should I try rolling back to 11.40+ instead of Vulkan? I understand Vulkan is supposed to help with the stuttering, but it is also still in beta so I am not sure how much stability I can expect from it or not. I tried both versions of Gizmo, but for me personally the performance was the same with both versions.
  13. I think I fixed it. I thought I deleted everything in my preferences folder the first time, but I must of missed something. Thanks for the help.
  14. Yep HDR is on. I disabled all plugins, scenery, and deleted the shaders folder and ran a test again. Unfortunately the domelights still aren't working. The lightbulb itself turns on, but there is no indication of the cockpit being lit up. I am not sure what is causing this. Should I try a complete reinstall of the aircraft and Gizmo? Maybe something wen't wrong with the install or something. I'll attach my log file below as well. Log.txt
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