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  1. On the Bravo I just assigned it to the go around button on the black GA power levers, works a treat.
  2. I couldnt get it to work, had to assign it to the yoke. I used the LH arm rocker switch 5&6, roll and yaw onto the RH arm rocker switches.
  3. Is using the default data, XP11/resources/default data which is June 2020, you can copy and paste the current CIFP folder from custom data and the following earth files located in the custom data root, awy, fix, hold, mora, msa and nav. LEAVE the existing earth_astro in place within the DEFAULT data. As always back up existing files.
  4. Yep I have Ghostery, I can now see a big, obvious red button that says "Leave a message"
  5. I dont see any form just a contact us page with a live chat link??
  6. Where is it? I too now have a licensing issue.
  7. Any chance an option could be included for these to sync when changing pressure settings?
  8. These used to work but no longer since last update
  9. Nope all is fine on mine. V1.6.2
  10. I have no issues, FSGRW, RWC, SkyMaxx v5, XPR is active as well as other plugins, attaching my log if it helps. So far tested with FF767 at KIAD and pretty stable 45FPS +/- 10 depending on views, no god rays, cloud draw 80000. Tested at EGNS with the Islander with Orbx scenery, god rays on and cloud draw 60000 in heavy cloud and no less than 35FPS. Very happy so far, thanks for the work. Paul
  11. I have an RTX2080 gpu, i9 9900k cpu so here's hoping :-)
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