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  1. Hi Pils, I tried command but also didn't do anything on these specific buttons?
  2. Hi, I'm trying to finish my hardware CCPs and I have all buttons working except the zoom (+ & -) and Mem 1,2 & 3 buttons. Using the dataref tool I can see that these are classed as non writable and all other buttons are writable so I presuming this is why I cannot operate them. Q1. Will this be the reason? Q2. Is there a way round it? Q3. Could they be made writable? (if indeed this is the issue?) Any help or guidance appreciated. Screenshot below of mem1 dataref vs lwr_menu dataref.
  3. @danhenri Thank you very much. It was the LED mode switch I was missing.
  4. Could someone please expand on which fields to edit to do this conditions fix for the flashing AP lights? I see the conditions drop down in the configurator but when clicking + there are a couple of fields and dataref drop down...... I'm not sure of next step. Thanks.
  5. Wrong access panel! crouch down in same position (x key) and you will see the other small access panel (the one for electrical ground power) switch is in there.
  6. Just had the same oscillations ILS approach for landing at EGKK (Gatwick) QNH1010 winds 270/10 rw 26L approach speed 125Kts, version 1.5.2. Never had on any previous flights with older versions (first full flight with this version). No problems with climb.
  7. Just noticed that when the nose door is left to 'sag' under its own weight with no hyds on the hinges protrude through the skins. Definitely not a criticism of anyone's excellent work just noticed and thought you perfectionists might like to know
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