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  1. Andydigital

    TBM900 ATC not working

    It’s not modelled in your other aircraft more likely, the TBM likes to go the whole way when it comes to systems modelling.
  2. Andydigital

    TBM900 ATC not working

    Make sure you have selected the com 1 or com 2 radio on the left side audio panel, you need to select the mic 1 there too.
  3. Andydigital

    Misc TBM questions

    You can use the first stage of flaps at 150 knots quite safely and then gear down at 140, at 1000 feet around 120 knots then flaps full, 500 feet 90 knots and hold that down to the threshold where you should be at about 85 as you cross, then at 30 feet then bring power lever to idle. Ideally you should be stalling just as the mains touch at around 75ish, winds permitting.
  4. Andydigital

    Safe to update to 11.33?

    Two flights for me so far also without issue today, on version 11.33.
  5. No problem Goran, I'll just forego that part of the checklist for now
  6. No Goran, its off. Whole aircraft only has 33 hours or so on it. Very well looked after and flown by the book.
  7. The Standby alternator is wearing out just from doing the checklist, I had to replace the alternator in the previous flight because it had failed. And just now after checking it after a 1 hour flight its showing as VERY WORN. All I did was turn it on for about 5 seconds during the checklist to confirm it was working. It only had a load of about 48 amps during the test and it seems this was enough to almost kill it. Just a small tip, an alternator cannot reach EOL just because it is providing its full capable load, it also cannot possibly provide more than it's rated output. In this situation it just wont provide enough power to charge the battery and the battery will eventually lose its charge. The alternator will still continue to output its maximum rated output even with a fully discharged battery. It will reach EOL sooner if run at max output continuously, but I can assure you its life is longer than an hour.
  8. Andydigital

    Bird Strike

    I'm too old for boxers now, I like my comfort too much lol.
  9. Andydigital

    Bird Strike

    Wow I just had what I think was a bird strike at 19000 feet, I'm cruising along planning my descent and bang the PIC window smashes and the cabin pressure drops and the autopilot enters EDM mode while I put on my oxygen mask. Again wow just wow, I love this aircraft. Goran expect a bill for some new underwear
  10. Andydigital

    Other version of Ground Steering possible? [Answered]

    In the first 5 hours or so of flying this wonderful aircraft I would have agreed with most that the ground handling needed some work. Now though I never have any problems at all during take-off or landing. You just have to treat the pedals like you are stepping on puppies rather than cockroaches. Also you need to use a reasonable amount of torque for the speed you are at, or in other words slowly advance the power lever to around 80% and then nudge it up a little more (if you need to) once over 60 knots or so. If you try going to 99% from less than 20 knots you'll be heading straight for the terminal whilst treading on those roaches. If you don't have any rudder pedals and are using the twist on a stick then you can pretty much forget it, you simply cant achieve the finesse needed for small smooth inputs. You really don't need anything expensive like Crosswinds, my Saitek Combat Pedals work fine, once you realise you have to use tiny inputs and wait for the aircraft to react a second or two later after having made that input, if you over compensate you are in for a world of pain as its very hard to get it back under control, AS IT SHOULD BE. Perhaps have an option that allows us to switch between a realistic and forgiving rudder feel setting. Whatever though Goran and team you have made a wonderful aircraft, now I'm wishing waiting for a 940 with AT
  11. Andydigital

    MU-2 progress towards update

    Thanks Tom, sorry to everyone else
  12. Andydigital

    MU-2 progress towards update

    Yes Tom I use that and button2dataref I think its called, I have a load of VRinsight hardware including the TT Panel and MS Panel they are the only way I can utilise my hardware with XP in a meaningful way, as I say the scripting for B2D can be very mind bending and boring
  13. Andydigital

    MU-2 progress towards update

    Thanks for this extra work Tom, I never actually noticed till just now what you had actually been while i was gone as you edited your original reply to me and so I missed quite a lot of what you had been involved with since then. Thanks again and good luck getting those changes you want included in the core sim. It certainly is about time hardware assignments had a major overhaul in X-Plane, even simple things like being able to assign different functions to press, hold and release button and key events would make a world over difference to cockpit builders like myself, scripting around those limitations by hand is a horrible chore and very much a compromise alot of the time, cheers Tom.
  14. Andydigital

    MU-2 progress towards update

    So is only one throttle lever supported? If so the other 5 levers on my quadrant are going to be INOP with this aircraft. Im not sure if I like the method for assigning the throttle either, I can see many support enquiries in your future from people being unable to assign the throttle to the correct axis due to some other axis interfering i.e. a noisy pot.
  15. Andydigital

    Shifting Scenery

    Upload it to Youtube, Photobucket or somewhere like that, X-Pilot probably dont allow video upload direct to the forum, I know I wouldn't.