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    • X-Pilot
      Laminar Research has just released Beta 6 for X-Plane 10.03!
      Start up those updaters and get the ball rollin'!
      A list of changes are as follows:


      Fixed bug preventing lowercase routings from working
      Fixed numerous crashes in the ATC system.
      Fixed bug causing AI planes to suddenly taxi through a hold short line wildly.
      Fixed bug causing the view to change while using the arrows to navigate ATC menus.
      Adjusted timers to let users communicate with ATC more easily.
      Adjusted "off course" tolerances to make it less annoying.
      Improved automatic layout generation at KTCM (and hopefully other airports that are long and thin)


      CRJ and other aicraft cockpits should work at night in HDR mode on OS X Lion.
      Sim is more tolerant of missing textures - the rules now match v9 for OBJs.
      Slight improvement to braking model to aid in erroneous aircraft drifting.
      Baron 58: Added cockpit night lighting. Use the four lighting knobs under the copilot yoke to adjust.
      F4 Phantom: Adjusted the flight model for better in-flight handling and more reasonable manners on approach and landing.
      Fixed seg fault in weight/weapons window.


      Fixed cut-off global lights on ATI hardware.

    • X-Pilot

      Carenado Begins Holiday Sale!

      By X-Pilot, in News,

      Carenado has announced a special 10-day Holiday Sale on all of their products, including those for X-Plane!
      From December 15th to the 25th, Carenado will be giving discounts of 50% off on all X-Plane products.
      To get in on this great deal head on over to Carenado's website!

    • X-Pilot
      Khamsin & Arno are making great movement on their next DHC-1 "Chipmunk" project!
      Arno states, "While I'm coding the Chipmunk to have it has realistic as it gets (I'm mimicing real life failures, one by one...), khamsin is now texturing the bird. The result, even at this very early stage, is... well... I let you find the right words..."
      Newer screenshots and a preliminary texture screenshot has been posted to the DHC-1 "Chipmunk" thread on the forums.
      Great work, guys!

    • X-Pilot
      Have a mobile device such as an iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, or Nexus? Then check this out!
      X-Pilot has now activated Tapatalk on our forum system for much easier mobile browsing. It has many great features, and allows you to post, read unread, and view PM's in a very neat, organized fashion. We highly recommend it!
      You can download Tapatalk for your mobile devices as follows:
      Tapatalk for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad)
      Tapatalk for Android devices (Nexus, Galaxy SII, etc)
      Tapatalk for Blackberry devices

    • X-Pilot
      X-Aviation has released an update to the Take Command! CRJ-200.
      This update brings the product to version 1.3 and brings in a few features, among them being X-Plane 10 support and Remote CDU functionality.
      See more info about this update by viewing the update thread in the forum.

    • X-Pilot
      Scenery4XP has released their San Francisco - Golden Gate package.
      This scenery covers San Francisco International Airport, Half Moon Bay Airport, the Golden Gate Bridge, Downtown San Francisco buildings, and the Bay Bridge.
      The scenery is priced at $19.95 as of today and can be purchased at discount for $14.95 from the X-Plane.org Store.
      You can find more descriptive and info for this scenery package at the Scenery4XP Golden Gate product page.

    • X-Pilot
      X-Pilot has many talented members in the community, and we like to acknowledge their hard efforts! Here's a small glimpse of some latest cool things going on in the forums:
      Pete of SoulMade Simulations has continued to entertain us with amazing images from his ongoing DHC-2 Beaver project. If you haven't seen any of the previous images he's posted you should make it a point to do so. Check out his latest images in this topic. Great work, Pete!
      Nicola has been hard at work giving us some more free liveries for ND Art & Technology's awesome BK117 add-on. You can find Nicola's latest livery offerings in this forum topic. Thanks, Nicola!
      Forum member 'KSGY' has kept us continually updated on his development of the L-410 in development. This looks to be shaping up as a great add-on, and the previews are worth checking out if you haven't already done so. Check it out!
      That's all for now! We appreciate everyone's continued support and for helping X-Plane move to new heights! See you in the skies!