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  • X-Crafts Releases v1.1 Update for E175


    X-Crafts has released a big update for their Embraer 175 product. This brings the product up to version 1.1, and the changes in this update include:


    E175 v1.1 changelog:
    Ground equipment and pushback options are now restored after landing (more details below)
    - The winglets can now be changed through a plugin menu
    - There are now 12 liveries included in the package and 21 additional liveries available here - total of 33 Liveries
    - More details and dirt added to all liveries included in the package 
    - SASL updated to version 2.4 
    - Engine start sounds fixed
    - Cockpit windows are fixed (the glass of the windows wasn't moving)
    - New avionics sounds
    - New chrono clock
    - Reverse now works separately with hardware throttle
    - Clicking spots on the MFD are all bigger now - very easy to click on all the buttons
    - Vertical ILS diamonds fixed
    - CRS indicator in PFD is now working
    - GPU can now be turned on and off on the overhead panel
    - ATHR can only be engaged after takeoff
    - Cursor changed when changing the range in MAP Options menu. (TIP: You can also change the range directly from the range indicator in the map!)
    - windshield was shiny in the middle
    - VOR bearing pointer added to the NAV map
    - Alitalia livery has many added details
    - Flap sounds inside are too loud
    - Updated xfmc and xchecklist config files
    - Fans were rotating in the wrong direction
    - The lights on the new winglets also illuminate the surroundings now
    - Big misplaced nav lights on winglets corrected
    - Artifitial horizon was showing wrong values
    - N E S W highlighted on the FMS
    - The little black line on the EFIS horizon is gone

    FMS changes:
    1.  Corrected ability to override warning that a flight plan .fms file exists when selecting a filename to use when saving the current route.
    2.  Corrected coding that does not properly detect and reject waypoint misplacement if the waypoint is an NDB, and a VOR with the same NAVID is found before the plugin finds the correct NDB waypoint.
    3.  Corrected display of the FLT PLAN page when no waypoints have been loaded.
    4.  Added ability to read tail.txt files, placed in livery folders, allowing the RADIO 1 page to display the actual tail number for the aircraft depicted in the livery.  The maximum number of characters that can currently be displayed is eight (8).  (Default is ERJ-175).
    More info regarding the plugin changes:
    1.  Added X-Plane plugin menu item that will allow the user to select the type of winglets that are to be used.  This persists from X-Plane session to session by use of config file.  If the config file is not found at first, one is created and the default winglets are used.
    2.  Ground equipment and pushback options are now restored following a flight, subject to the following conditions:
                a.  The aircraft has flown, detected by reaching an altitude AGL of at least 100 feet.
                b.  Ground speed is zero.
                c.  The parking brake has been set.


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    The only option I have under gizmo64/Windows is "Gather windows" - no hotifx option there.  Any idea what's wrong with my setup?  Gizmo is version15.12.22.1106 from december last year.  Maybe there's a later version somewhere?

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