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    Hi everyone, starting today I will aim to make a video every week for your viewing pleasure...talking about IXEG development, flying our aircraft, showing you procedures, techniques and various other stuff. Stay tuned to this channel!
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    Windmilling Fans added. This example shows direct headwind and tailwind for simplicity. The magnitude is obviously diminished off-axis with practical limits..and the rotation speed is asymptotic, so 100 kt winds doesn't create unrealistic rotation animations. Tail winds are less effective on fan rotation than headwinds, due to wind turbulence through the vanes that saps energy. Also, alignment with the wind vector has to be closer for tailwinds than headwinds to yield fan rotation. -tkyler
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    We squeezed in native AviTab support. What a great product! We definintely encourage you to get it and support the software author with a donation. If you have AviTab installed, you should see a new preference checkbox to enable AviTab. If you do not have AviTab installed, you won't see this preference option available. The video below shows the implementation, along with a bit of coroute usage. -tkyler
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    we reworked the animations during replay so you actually have decent replays to watch/record your landings. We have too much custom stuff to replay the "cockpit" of course, but all the control surfaces replay as expected. The video shows the changes. The landing was pretty bad, but I had a cheap joystick in one hand and was monitoring a bunch of stuff at the same time. Oh ya....new winglet shapes too.
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    We had a request to resize the 'mini EHSI', and also be able to toggle it on and off. That is now in for the next update.
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    Doing some testing and shakedown flights to make sure all new features and fixes work as planned. So far things are going really good. ...at least for the passengers on MY aircraft .
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    Captains, We are pleased to announce the Douglas DC-3 v2 is near release! This has been in development for the better part of a year and a half, and it will be a significant upgrade to the current DC-3 that LES has had on the market since 2012. In comparison, it will be multitudes more realistic in systems simulation that you have come to expect from Leading Edge Simulations, and further, the 3D modeling and texturing has huge upgrades as well. For those of you that have purchased v1, we will be extending a special upgrade discount to you and will announce the details of this soon. Now, let's go over the feature list and then some screenshots! The following is what you can expect out of v2. 1. FLIGHT MODEL a. Accurate flight characteristics. b. Accurate engines performance. c. Accurate weight and balance model. 2. SYSTEMS Complete simulation of all aircraft systems including: a. Electric. b. Hydraulic. c. Pneumatic. d. Custom Sperry A-3A Automatic Pilot simulation. e. Custom fuel mixture logic for Auto-Lean and Auto-Rich functions. f. Custom lighting. 3. GRAPHICS a. Accurate reprecentation of the DC-3 aircraft. b. Full use of PBR materials with extreme weathering effects. 4. SOUNDS a. Complete FMOD sound package by AudioBirdXP 5. EFFECTS a. Full custom effect package including: i. Engine exhaust smoke and heat blur. ii. Props vapor condensation depending on ambient humidity. 6. UI (User Interace) Modern X-Plane 11 type User Interface for: a. Maintenance: Keeping track of aircraft and engines operating hours and execute maintenance as required. b. Options: Hardware options for differential braking and/or throttling during taxi, external power connection, and more. c. Aircraft Loading: Adjust number of passengers per compartment, cargo weight per loading area, fuel loading per tank, with repspective CG diagram. b. Checklist: Complete checklist for all flight phases. And of course, screenshots! We plan to have consistent preview updates with loads of information leading up to release from here on out...and we'll soon have this in your hangars too!
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    Good observations and everything noted! We will doublecheck and Tom can be lightning fast with these adjustments. We are down to the last 2 or three open issues for this next patch...and will finalize the "bugfix/improvement/additions" list in the next few days. I plan on flying the plane around for a few days before we launch it, but may take you guys along, showcasing the new stuff, in a little youtube video. Cheers, Jan
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    So we have reached the "minimum" of what we need to put out an update. I want to make sure all understand the nature of this update. It is NOT a major fix of FMS stuff. This update has significance to us as developers, which will lead to significance for customers. From our perspective, its validation of our current toolchain, i.e. we can output code and flight model / 3D changes quickly with modern tools...being that the entire product has been generated from this new toolchain. From the customer perspective, it is mostly compatibility changes to the flight model given the changes in X-Plane 11.5....with a few visual enhancements added-in as able and tweaks to the coroute loaders, scrollwheel support, etc. Those visual enhancements, as of this post are simply some "sharpenings" of the engine 3D/animation and a tweak here or there to some textures. Between now and the update though (occuring soon after 11.50 goes final)....we will try and squeeze in fixes and enhancements as able. I am currently working on the front galley and main door animation...I'd really like to get that squeezed in to the next update if possible. If not, then it will be soon thereafter. We are also perusing some forum posts to see what else we can address in the estimated time-frame before release. I have also begun refactoring my VNAV code...in anticipation of addressing that (and holds) asap after the release. So to recap, the priorities after this update will be FMOD sounds, VNAV and holds. I am optimistic that being back full time on this, we can address the FMS deficiencies in a timely manner and get out some much needed improvements. Again, I am supremely grateful for our patient supporters and we will continue to work on making the IXEG the most immersive airliner simulation available.. -tkyler
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    Kicking off a series of development updates, we will travel to the past, from when DC-3 was born to today, to understand the significance of this aircraft for the whole airline industry. Douglas Aircraft Company, after a TWA inquiry, started development of a new series of aircrafts, designated as Douglas Commercial (DC), the DC-1 in 1933, and DC-2 next year. Although DC-2 was successful, it was a bit narrow for what American Airlines wanted, which led to the development of one DST prototype. DST stands for Douglas Sleeper Transport! Yes beds in the airplane! Flew first time on December 17, 1935, the 32nd anniversary of Wright Bros first flight. The aircraft was fitted with 21 seats (instead of 14-16 sleeping berths), and designated as DC-3! Totally built, up to 1943, 607 DC-3 aircrafts. But WWII has begun and many DC-3s were put into military service. The needs for a military transport aircraft were huge, and with DC-3 fitting the bill, the C-47 Skytrain was created. It was based on DC-3 with few changes needed for the operations in the military, most notably the reinforced floor that allowed for higher gross weight, and the dual cargo doors. A total of around 10,000 C-47 aircrafts (and variations) were constructed. Many C-47s, after WWII, became available for civilian use, and even today, there are many DC-3s and C-47 in use! Later, in 1990, another variation was developed by Basler Turbo Conversions, retrofitting P&W PT-6 turboprop engines, and airframe modifications, designated as BT-67. Our Leading Edge Simulations DC-3 (v2) is based on the original, 21-seats, variants. The aircraft has a maximum gross weight (MGW) of 25,200 lbs for take off and landing, and can reach speeds up to 207 mph (180 knots). 2 Pratt and Whitney PW R-1830 Twin Wasp radial engines, providing 1,200 hp each, driving a 3-blade Hamilton Standard propeller. In the next weeks leading to the release, as development progresses, we will look into each area of the aircraft in more detail. For now, I will leave you with a few more random images. Keep in mind that everything you see here, up to the release, is work-in-progress, not final! (source: Wikipedia)
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    I understand and actually agree with this feature...I think its a good idea. I also don't have pedals and even the 50% / 100% braking can lead to jerky motion. The idea of a command that you "hold" for progressive braking, I think is worth a look-see. Commands don't really cost anything and are easy to add. -tkyler
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    Having a blast of time enjoying those cloud lighting variations, in combination with ASXP loving those thick and solid cloud decks formed near my route, superb add on. Wondering what crazy amazing stuff you have reserved for SMP v5 some day...
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    You though Air Baltic shines their cowlings? Well, IXEG likes them shiny as the door to a...
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    No single answer here - it just depends on personal taste too much. There is the "hardcore realistic" viewpoint - according to the FCOM from Boeing. Then there is the "go back as far as possible to see everything" option. Throw in different FoV settings. I think 60 deg is probably the most realistic - but you will have to turn and squirm a bit (or set up different views) to see everything. Going higher distorts the view unnaturally (fisheye view), but has the benefit of seeing more without having to turn your view. Ultimately the answer is VR. Yet that brings its own problems (mainly resolution and framerate concerns). I am considering moving the cockpit default viewpoint (W key) to cater to the new yoke height/slant...but am afraid that this will throw off a lot of people that are used to flying with it that way, too. The married man knows that problem. Whatever you do... Cheers, Jan
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    Version 1.0.0


    Bush missions your thing? Look no further. Installation: Unzip contents into BN-2 liveries folder. N2119V - As seen in the video below.
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    Hi all. This COVID thing has affected my employment and sent me in a different direction.....full time back on X-Plane! (note...I work on more than just the 737 though) We are working on the update every day as of late; however, we are still going to wait for some 11.50 stability before we release. In the meantime, we're cleaning up things we feel we can without putting the plane in the hangar with the major renovations like the FMS/holds/VNAV. We are back in the FMS code somewhat though and have made the coroutes loading more robust. We will be including that folder in our update so as to not cause confusion, but we also now support about 6 flight plan formats, X-Plane 10/11 (*.fms), PMDG and Quality Wings (*.rte), X-FMC (*.fpl), FSX (*.pln) and AirbusX (*.flp). Like the real FMS, if a waypoint can't be located because of database incompatibilities with the flight plan, then the FMS loads what it can until encountering such a point and then provides the message, "PARTIAL ROUTE LOADED". I was testing this code with random format downloads from Flight plan database...and nearly all of those flight plans contain out of date data, so getting the FMS to load a full route was a challenge. I had to go in and hand edit the flight plan files to 'up-to-date' data. Once done though, they can be saved through the FMS as before. These coroute. loaders do not load SIDs/STARS, only the enroute portions, which is typical. As time goes on, I'll continue to work on improving the route editing, which will have applicability for the holds and eventual "in air" vnav entries. More to follow as we get closer to our release point. -tkyler
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    We are seeing some great feedback in regards to the latest 4.9.3 release, I want to thank everyone and we are very happy you are enjoying it! Also how about that Vulkan? Sliders can be pushed forward finally and users can see what SMP can really do! We're done yet, one thing I think needs attention are the Cumulonimbus and Thunderheads, unlike the majority of SMP, which uses an algorithm to place clouds, Cumulonimbus and the Thunderheads use individual 3d models. Im in the process of working those as we speak. Some of the new "Thermal Development" is in these shots.......
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    I think the new clouds lighting looks amzing, very natural and for me personally those are the best clouds I've ever seen in a simulator, including FS20 alpha (I don't like their clouds at all). Further I'm still impressed how the SMP clouds give a feel for their position, most cloud system look somehwat 'flat' like a picture but with SMP everything feels truly threedimensional for me (don't know what's the magic with SMP, no other cloud system ever gave me that feeling). Also the towering clouds seem to have improved over time, every formation now looks different it seems and I always loved those towers... :-)
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    I've chanded the landing lights as well, and I noticed that the _core and _flare had their verctors point in the wrong direction. I changend the following lines (bold means changed): LIGHT_PARAM airplane_landing_flare 0 -0.00000003 -0.00000004 0 0 -1.000 0 2 LIGHT_PARAM airplane_landing_flare 0 -0.00000003 -0.00000004 0 0 -1.000 1 2 LIGHT_PARAM airplane_landing_glow 0 -0.00000003 -0.00000004 0 0 -1.000 0 2 LIGHT_PARAM airplane_landing_glow 0 -0.00000003 -0.00000004 0 0 -1.000 1 2 LIGHT_PARAM airplane_landing_sp 0 -0.00000003 -0.00000004 6 6 5 0 340 0.94 LIGHT_PARAM airplane_landing_sp 0 -0.00000003 -0.00000004 6 6 5 1 340 0.94
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    Hey all Just a short hop in the Islander!
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    I just pushed a new version of FMOD to the team to test. I gave myself a few days break from FMOD to allow my ears rest. If all testers give great feedback this will be in the next update. Props are louder, engine meatier, internal sound much much louder and reworked a bunch of other features, like the annoying trim wheel with autopilot and the ground interaction sounds like tire skids, touchdown, bumps, rolling, braking and the loud nosewheel on this plane. It's all been looked at, scrutinized and awaiting feedback.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This Livery is a fictional paint for the Torquesim BN-2 Islander. The Black panel and Brown seats can be found at the below link Simply extract the zip to a safe location and copy/paste the Private N428BN folder to your Torquesim BN-2 liveries folder. Enjoy.
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    Conversion of all 3D to the new toolchain is complete and we have exported out all of the 737 objects from the new version of Blender. Jan and I will begin testing the functionality to see what I may have missed in the conversion as I had to hand-edit an enormous volume of elements to prep it for the conversion software. Next up is converting the sounds. The attached screenshot shows a "quickie adjustment" I made to test drive the 3D update process......about 15 minutes of fooling around in Blender to see how quick I could make an update to the 3D with the new toolchain. (I know, the circle isn't perfectly round....but it was only 15 minutes) -tkyler