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Take Command! Saab 340A v1.5.1 Update Released!

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Hey, I'm considering buying the Saab340A. Did I understand correctly, that development will continue, and there are several updates and bugfixes envisioned, which will be free of charge? Yes, I know, not timeline as of now. But I love the TBM, so I have faith in you guys!

There will be one more update free of charge to address bugs and add a few more items. Barring any bugs caused by X-Plane 11 going forward, the next update will be considered the last prior to 2.0. We don't anticipate that release till likely sometime later in 2020.

In short, it is safe to purchase now. All customers who purchase the current Saab will also receive a heavily discounted 2.0 update.
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19 hours ago, N1K said:

Re-animate every switch :huh:
Sounds like more than 1.5.2 is coming

Adding to what Cameron said, there are also many new datarefs coupled with new code. 
So, essentially, this next update is considered a "bridge" to 2.0.

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