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  1. The throttles are a irritant for me as well. hit the ground and just hope the red goes away soon enough, Id love a Beta key just to bypass it all.
  2. I would unable to pull past FI until I was below 60-80kts, so there has to be absolutely no indication of the slightest desire for lift before it went into beta. Perhaps in V2, it can be a menu option for that throttle block. Or use the beta toggle in XPL.
  3. Heres another log text. I re installed the plane. The constant hyd went away, I lost my gps course indication on the cdi, but I was also using the GTN 750 if that does anything. Engines still a bit in flux, but the starts are beautiful. One other thing Ive noticed, it wont let my throttles drag the levers into reverse on landing until im down and quite slow from brakes, just watching the green squares cross the TQ lever indication again, and again, and again....watching that runway get shorter, and shorter. FYI, there are two flights on this one consecutively. Hope the data helps.
  4. Im not running EFM, atleast its not selected in my settings...
  5. Ladies and Gents, just a few things Ive noticed on this update. One, some wild ITT flux coming from ground ide to flt idle. After it seems fine, but just as it approaches flight idle, it tries to burn the engines to the ground. And Secondly, had my hydraulic pump stick on like something was demaning it, the switch worked and it would go off, but come right back one after coming back to auto. Otherwise, seems good. Love the brake logic, excited for v2.0. Log.txt
  6. Knowing all the weights numbers instead of just what Xplane gives you. I mean its easy to get with a bit of math and what not, Im just being greedy. A lot of other payware planes have their own W&B menu for fueling, passengers, ect ect. I do enjoy this plane, it is definitely more to fly than the other commercial craft I have. I will be paying for the V2 regardless, I just hope its as frame friendly as this one.
  7. Could one ask for a Custom W&B menu, maybe interactive with performance charts in the V2? Love the plane, by the way. Looking forward to the engine fix.
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