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  1. Yeah, I'm seeing the same on my end. The X-Pilot.com and X-Aviation.com sites are running fine with my usual internet speed, but the installer's download rates are well below 10 KB/s since a few weeks.
  2. On many Boeings you can hear a click-like sound when the lock for the landing gear lever disengages. It prevents the lever from being moved to the "UP" position before getting airborne. I don't know if it's the same for the classic, but it's quite possible. Need to watch some cockpit videos...
  3. I don't know why it doesn't work for you, the script is running fine on my end. However, it doesn't trigger the lever animation, so here's the complete version which set's the mixture and also moves the lever in the virtual cockpit. Of course you need to change the button numbers to match your hardware: -- Engine 1 cutoff switch create_switch(15, "sim/flightmodel/engine/ENGN_mixt", 0, 1, 0) create_switch(15, "ixeg/733/fuel/fuel_start_lever1_act", 0, 1, 0) -- Engine 2 cutoff switch create_switch(17, "sim/flightmodel/engine/ENGN_mixt", 1, 1, 0) create_switch(17, "ixeg/733/fuel/fuel_start_lever2_act", 0, 1, 0) Maybe it's a copy&paste problem with the forum code function, so I have also attached my script (again, using my button numers that you need to change). cutoff.lua
  4. You don't need the ICAO to make a FWL-script aircraft dependent, as you can use the .acf name instead: Just use if AIRCRAFT_FILENAME == "name_of_acf.acf" Instead of if PLANE_ICAO == "ABCD" This also helps when you want to restrict a script to one addon if you have more than one variant of a plane which share a common ICAO code (e.g. several C172 addons).
  5. Should work, but I can't test atm, not at my sim machine. You just need to replace XYZ and ABC with the button numbers of your cutoff switches, which can be determined by running the "Show joystick button numbers"-script from FlyWithLua's menu. -- Engine 1 cutoff switch create_switch(XYZ, "sim/flightmodel/engine/ENGN_mixt", 0, 1, 0) -- Engine 2 cutoff switch create_switch(ABC, "sim/flightmodel/engine/ENGN_mixt", 1, 1, 0) The logic behind that command is (button number, DataRef name, array index, value when button is released, value when button is pressed)
  6. I'm supprised there is no word about it here yet. Or the search function didn't find it. Anyway... https://www.thresholdx.net/news/hscl65
  7. If you use the X-Plane command "toggle thrust reversers", you can do just that. With your throttles at idle, you push that button and the plane goes into idle reverse. Your hardware thrust lever now acts as a reverese thrust control i.e. adding reverse thrust as you move the lever forward.
  8. Congrats to the team for this outstanding addon! Will definitely get it if my system can handle it. It seems to have many features which need a lot of CPU power, so I'm wondering if this will run fine (i.e. 30+fps) on a quad core? I'm using a 4790K @4,4GHz and my X-Plane settings are generally in the medium to high range, nothing maxed out. Reflections are turned down to minimum.
  9. It's been a while, but i think... 1.) Enter a new destination on the route page 2.) Just select the new runway and STAR on the DEP/ARR page. It should replace the old one(s) more or less seamlessly. But check the legs page afterwords nonetheless 3.) Go to the legs page, downselect the waypoint to which you want a direct to by pressing the LSK next to it, upselect it to the current "to" waypoint by pressing the LSK next to it (overwriting the current "to" waypoint")
  10. Good question, maybe some of the real world saab drivers can shed some light on this. I just start and stop in a parking spot where no pushback is necessary, that's how I usually find the turboprops sitting at airports. Passengers are brought to the plane via bus or just walk there (depending on the country and size of the airport).
  11. Maybe opening a support ticket will get ignored work. https://support.projectfly.co.uk/tickets/create
  12. We discussed that issue in the topic below. It seems to only occur with newer versions of XPUIPC.
  13. Not on SIDs or STARs, but you'll find them on most approaches in the US. The stepdown- or PT/hold-altitudes will more often than not include altitudes bewteen whole thousands.
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