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  1. I think so , will try it tomorrow thank
  2. Ok but I thought I had to delete my old plane , then when installed have to put certain files in cettain folders
  3. I took a break for 7 months. Nd am back to xplane. I see there is an update to ixeg 737. I am not very computer literate so my question is how do I update my plans but keep my same Navi graph cycle ( about 8 month old but all my plans are on that cycle ) and keep my better pushback and my software to choose different camera angles . Thsnks
  4. thanks Mgeiss, I did a couple of those things, I tried to reprogram the runway and star and I guess cause I was almost at the first star waypoint it went crazy and the speed went crazy and the flight tried to take me back to the waypoint before the star, I will try again, Iain thanks , I did watch other videos but I assumed the FMC in the IXEG737 worked differently that the other planes in xplane as it was a payware and the looked different and seemed different in the youtube videos. Thanks again
  5. I have checked YouTube and forum and can’t find the answers for questions on the FMC : is there a quick way to clear the FMC when I make a programming mistake how to I change runways and stars on descent how to I choose a different waypoint on my route: example flying at one waypoint withn30 nm to go . I want to skip this leg and the next leg and go right to the 3rd leg and on the flight display screen how do i get the green arc, I have been fooling around with the buttons on the radio,display window but can’t figure it out
  6. When I am descending I am using the flap and speed numbers on the plane, but when I watch the videos , most of the people are using the flaps at much lower speeds: and I have a second question , when using vnav to descend on many of the lower altitude descents ; the plane speeds up very high to make it to the next leg altitude but can’t get near the speed on the fmc. Is there a trick when using vnav
  7. Thanks, I tried it and it was a big pain redoing the FMC
  8. If I want to fly the plane longer than 2200nm, can I reload the fuel in mid flight . I know I can in the xplane smaller planes . If I can would I just go to weight and balances and move it , or can I do it on the ixeg menu on the side
  9. Thanks Litjan, I did that on your other recommendations with the toga button. Most other things work. Its funny when I put the mouse over the RTO button it shows the hand then when I click on the mouse it shows the hand closing but won't change the button from 0 to RTO or landing from 0 to 2, Same with the buttons on the middle panel to change the map views
  10. I am having some problems with the cockpit buttons. I am using an imac with wireless mouse. When prepatring for takeoff I go to RTO and it shows the hand and them shows the hand closing but won't move the button same with at landing trying to move the brake to number 2, it does the same on the middle panel trying to change the map view settings but will work on the NAv 1 radios and the heading and speed buttons etc
  11. I am learning to fly the ixeg 737 and just looking for some fun routes, not to complicated as of now. I always fly in good weather. looking for some that maybe go over water or mountains etc. right now a few I have done are Toronto to lauderdatle , la to san fransisco and san diego to vegas. not really ready to do Europe but can maybe the Caribbean thanks
  12. I have been watching the videos and that of other people and still confused. After fmc programmed and on the runway. I have a/t is on, heading is same as compass and speed is at V2, flaps at 5 trim set. Release brake and at 40% hit TOGA, then take off at about 15degrees. Here is my questions do I hand fly speed at 20 past V2 at about 10 degress and when to go from 15 degrees to 10 degress. I know at 1500 ft N1 is climb power. At what point do I use the speed bug to go to around 200 or 210 and retracts flaps and when do I hit autopilot A, lnav and vnav and climb in flc. a lot of videos sh
  13. How do you get those camera angels on the videos ( the first one). I have an iMac and can’t get that close to you buttons
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