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  1. I have been finding lots of posts on this topic but don’t understand some of the term etc . Been away for about a year with a new windows computer where I had an old Mac before. I have been fooling around with sensitivity but can’t control jet on take off. I may be to aggressive wirh movements . I have a ch yoke and peddle . Some posts say right side slider all zero and then the left is all over the place . Some top 2 zero bottom 100. , then some 30 20 40’etc. Doesn’t have to so realistic to start . Want movements like a beginner again where maybe over steering won’t send me crashing than
  2. Thanks Jan I reinstalled again and it works well.
  3. Thanks Jan, I thought when I download from the site again, I would automatically get the most recent version. If not how to I update it. Again I was using on a Mac and I am trying the windows version
  4. I was using xplane 11 on a 2012 iMac . The system crashed about a month ago and ended up buying a windows computer 1/2 the price . I was away from xplane for about 8-10 months . I started again and downloaded the ixeg737 from the site and when I try and start the plane up with engine running I get this Message. There was a minor problem Parsing the vrconfig. I don’t know what it means and when I google it says that I need an update ( but just downloaded it or to activate it , but it doesn’t ask me for serial number or email etc .
  5. I think so , will try it tomorrow thank
  6. Ok but I thought I had to delete my old plane , then when installed have to put certain files in cettain folders
  7. I took a break for 7 months. Nd am back to xplane. I see there is an update to ixeg 737. I am not very computer literate so my question is how do I update my plans but keep my same Navi graph cycle ( about 8 month old but all my plans are on that cycle ) and keep my better pushback and my software to choose different camera angles . Thsnks
  8. thanks Mgeiss, I did a couple of those things, I tried to reprogram the runway and star and I guess cause I was almost at the first star waypoint it went crazy and the speed went crazy and the flight tried to take me back to the waypoint before the star, I will try again, Iain thanks , I did watch other videos but I assumed the FMC in the IXEG737 worked differently that the other planes in xplane as it was a payware and the looked different and seemed different in the youtube videos. Thanks again
  9. I have checked YouTube and forum and can’t find the answers for questions on the FMC : is there a quick way to clear the FMC when I make a programming mistake how to I change runways and stars on descent how to I choose a different waypoint on my route: example flying at one waypoint withn30 nm to go . I want to skip this leg and the next leg and go right to the 3rd leg and on the flight display screen how do i get the green arc, I have been fooling around with the buttons on the radio,display window but can’t figure it out
  10. When I am descending I am using the flap and speed numbers on the plane, but when I watch the videos , most of the people are using the flaps at much lower speeds: and I have a second question , when using vnav to descend on many of the lower altitude descents ; the plane speeds up very high to make it to the next leg altitude but can’t get near the speed on the fmc. Is there a trick when using vnav
  11. Thanks, I tried it and it was a big pain redoing the FMC
  12. If I want to fly the plane longer than 2200nm, can I reload the fuel in mid flight . I know I can in the xplane smaller planes . If I can would I just go to weight and balances and move it , or can I do it on the ixeg menu on the side
  13. Thanks Litjan, I did that on your other recommendations with the toga button. Most other things work. Its funny when I put the mouse over the RTO button it shows the hand then when I click on the mouse it shows the hand closing but won't change the button from 0 to RTO or landing from 0 to 2, Same with the buttons on the middle panel to change the map views
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