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  1. Yup. It´s there. It just wasn´t the kind of button I was looking for. It works fine. Wheeeee!
  2. Hmm? I have no button on either side.
  3. Yello Yall. Jan, this was a good hint. I´ll do some further testing within the next days
  4. Hello! Numerous people have brought up complaints about the autobrake not working sometimes for appearently no reason, myself included. After tideous testing I found out:. When the reversers are activated before the nosewheel is on the ground, the autobrake fails to work. If you wait with reverser deployment until the nose gear is down on the ground, the autobrake works fine. Oddly enough, I can hear the parking brake clicker when the autobrake activates. That´s how I immediatly hear if it works or not, even without looking at datarefs. It´s all weird. I don´t see this behaviour on any other airccraft. Tested about 100 times.
  5. Remeber that the 737-300 still has conventional light bulbs, not fancy xenon or LED stuff. They are quite dim.
  6. Oh no! You just shared the hack I use for my secret project!
  7. Had the same problem. After a simple reload of the plane it worked again.
  8. Yes! There is a LUA script out there for speed callouts.
  9. Caused much confusion after the initial release. You are late to the party.
  10. They did, but only without the winglets. That´s because the logo lights are part of the wingtip. They where not integrated in the winglets.
  11. Also I later noticed that according to the list, mouswheel will not be supported under GUI That might confuse new folks.
  12. It stil says 1.0 here. I´m sure it is supposed to say "1.3"
  13. Ur a little late. Has already been adressed.
  14. (Sorry I forgot to pause the youtube video before recording) Found funny shadow shenanigans with the ground services menu popped out. I don´t know if it´s just the GS menu or the others as well. Didn´t test. Running 11.41 and Gizmo beta. Also -minor cosmetics- the tiller is not centered in neutral position: X-Plane_2020_05.24_-_16_15_48_01.mp4
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