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2019-08-02: An update for SmartCo 3.0.0



A little update for BetterPushback 0.44 and above


skiselkov did a hard work to give us his BetterPushback smartcopilot compatible.

Please, read the readme.

Tested with X Plane 11 and the 1.2 release.

It's here as usual: https://sky4crew.com/download/


Only tested with X Plane 10, and the new plugin (2.07)


Fixed a bug with throttle.

Tfc buttons synchronized.

seats are synch. We can go to the toilets.

A new one, cabin door, (but no joy with cargo), 

Winglets, gauges, eyebrow 

Master only: Ground Services tab, can (and must) set fuel, payload and CG.

No more flicker with buttons and knobs spring loaded (APU switch, rudder trim knob, fire test ...........)

standby altimeter

As before, nothing to do with the guards, Init Pos by captain only).

Waiting for a fix, you can use EZ Pushback (By master)


If you are newbie with smartco, read the readme.






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Files updated
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On ‎29‎/‎04‎/‎2016 at 0:18 PM, Nils said:

Will eat my shoes if you get this to work decently. Best of luck though! :)


On ‎29‎/‎04‎/‎2016 at 1:08 PM, crisk73 said:

That's awesome! Can I kiss you Claude? emoji3.png



I have done a first small complete flight (1 hour about) with a copilot, from cold and dark.


Nils, you can eat your shoes.


Cristiano, you can kiss me.


One problem though, at some point the left CDU was unable to display the leg page. Probably a bug of the plane, not of smartco.


I have done improvements of the configuration file :


Don't use any axis for speed brakes. Only use mouse or buttons.


If the master have an axis for the tiller, it can be used during the push back.


From master to slave, fuel and payload are synchronized (at least starting cold and dark). Now doable after the connection.


Also, always by master only, wiglets and gauges (in Preferences) are synchronized.


The access door of manual extension gear does not work. (as guards). Each pilot have to open it.


Remaining problems :


Guards and gear door, i suspect a sound problem. Only devs can do something (smartco is on their to-do list)


Spring loaded switches and knobs (APU, trims, clock), something is doable by the devs, as such switches and knobs works properly with the Saab. They are driven by 2 datarefs, one for the state of the button/switch, one for their movement.



Some non implemented features we found during the flight :


In plan mode, step on the right Leg page does not work.


The Clock buttons (non animated) of the MCP are tied with the CHR button of the clock. Not sure, but buttons of the MCP launch the timer for block to block and in flight time, the CHR launch a separate timer.


The month/year display 87.


The hold/run/reset switch of the clock does nothing.


A second transponder code is not stored. The switch ½ on the transponder panel only change the display ATC 1 to ATC 2.


PS: what is the use of: ixeg/733/misc/my_weapon1_x, 1_y etc? Nils, please, go and test/improve it, easy if you have a lan with 2 computers.





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5 hours ago, Litjan said:

I also applaud the work done here! I will certainly try myself, and by the time we have killed the most bugs, your SmartCopilot will be working perfectly, I am sure! :)



I would really like to fly with you, Jan :D No kidding because this would be awesome ;)

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14 hours ago, sparkie66 said:

This isnt the place i know, but xp crashes on startup with smartcopilot. Does anyone know if this a known thing/ easy fix?



I don't know why. Probably a conflict plugin. You should have a look in your log.txt, and have a try removing not necessaries plugins.

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Wonderful work. I tried it tonight - works, but I'm getting an awful lot of stutter (every 15s, stutters for 1-2s) and the trim going apeshit every 5s (non-stop adjustments by a few degrees of the trim wheel). Any ideas? I'm gonna retest with weather sync turned off.

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11 hours ago, skiselkov said:

Wonderful work. I tried it tonight - works, but I'm getting an awful lot of stutter (every 15s, stutters for 1-2s) and the trim going apeshit every 5s (non-stop adjustments by a few degrees of the trim wheel). Any ideas? I'm gonna retest with weather sync turned off.

Hi skiselkov,


I join here a file without weather (for a first test, set your weather on CAVOK before launching the connection, then with the same weather injector on both side), and without most of stock engines datarefs. They are overriden  by custom dararefs.

Values of engines are computed by each plugin and does not match (as simratio are not the same on each side).

What will happen after a long fly about predictions and gross weight (FF and fuel used are not the same)?

Look at your ping and frame rate when freeze occurs. Ping over 100ms and framerate below 25 fps could be the problem. The P key is synchronized. So you can pause both sims, modify your settings if necessary and leave the pause.

Also, if you have the Sundog plugins, try without them.




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