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  1. It's great when the engineers do all that although no chance in the summer when only 2 engineers are on shift with 7+ first wave departures lol
  2. Superb! Yeah the DH is something I was going to ask about, until I done a bit of research and discovered it's not held in "aircraft memory" and therefore resets with power loss - well simulated Ignition (based from the SOP I know) starts with L (L ignition preferred when departing 'based' airports) and then moves to R on the "return"/second sector - just thought to put that in, am sure every airline has different SOP on this lol Appreciate these changes and hope some of mine suggestions slide into the list also Cheers
  3. I totally forgot about syncing the altimeters! As an option for single pilot use, that is a must IMO Position and galley would usually stay on BUT I am basing everything coming from the NG's and I do understand the Classics have there own quirks that don't follow suit. For GPU, 9 times out of 10 there would be a GPU hooked up for a departing aircraft. Ground crew typically arrive at around -40 to ETD (first wave flights), ensuing GPU is available. This is based from my experience in the UK, may vary else where in the world lol (the amount of times I have had captains ask "why don't we h
  4. Hi, thanks for bringing the 1.3 update, something we all wanted, especially with the world going crazy right now. Here are some things that could be added/improved from V1.3: 1. Plastic speed bugs to be apart of the 'saved from previous flight' - would be nice as for instance the 80 knots bug and typically the 210 knots bug wouldn't change. 2. Cold&Dark state; TCAS to be on "OFF & STBY" rather than "TA/RA". Position light to be left "ON", same goes for galley power (most of the time, crew don't turn these off....unless a naughty engineer has been around ). Mic selector
  5. Just curious, could them plastic speed bugs be apart of the 'saved from previous flight'? Would be nice as for instance the 80 knots bug and typically the 210 knots bug wouldn't change. Cheers
  6. Another wing bug. Texture seems to be inverted under the wing.... Cheers
  7. Talking about seats. If I put my view point on the headrest, I sit rather low. I think these chairs need to be a bit higher lol Cheers
  8. Yup and I don't want to make this into a "IXEG is silly and wrong" because that is completely the opposite of what IXEG represents. No matter what was said above, this product is an all time favorite and will continue that way Improvements to be made (just like any product that wants to be the best) but I know they will be covered in the future! Cheers
  9. Absolutely, can depend on many factors as such & really I should do more testing but I am just going off what I and some others have experienced. Good example of testing the ground effect can be seen here at 19:40+ (I feel like what was said here is true)
  10. I was just comparing it to available 737-3 landing footage (watching both pitch on PFD & elevator input from the crew) as it seems that the IXEG in XP11 doesn't handle as nicely as it did back in XP10...it seems like I don't need to add much back pressure anymore at around 15-10ft, where the real 733 would start to require a lot of back pressure, as that nose wants to dive due to loss of lift, of course even more so when you get closer to the ground. (I do believe it's more down to XP11's new ground effect - which if you do ask around, wasn't all that of an "improvement" compared to XP10;
  11. It is - just not as good as it was in XP10
  12. Just a shame XP11 destroys the ground effect in this bird...take me back to the XP10.51 FM!
  13. Best news I heard in a long while - never been so happy opening an email lol Found a few bugs up to now but I'll keep testing to see if I can find anymore; I absolutely love the CRT "reset phase" when changing over the electrical BUS in this update (or at least I didn't notice this before hand!) Keep up the work - am sure there will be many more Classic's flying about in the virtual skies (ProjectFLY, VATSIM etc.) Cheers!
  14. Oh. YES! Hopefully the FM is back to how it was in XP10, was PERFECT!
  15. Is this not considered to be modeled in the next version? It's taking that long for an update, I would guess it would make sense to just delay it longer for added features, such as hold Thanks :)
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