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  1. Dear Jan, you're very welcome, glad I've been helpful. Keep up your excellent work! Best regards, Toto
  2. So Morten, I've disabled all plugins exept for the Gizmo64. Conditions were: - GW 58.000kg - ISA - wind calm - no Anti-Ice - CLB Rating - climb schedule 250/280/0.74 Climb rate: below 2.000ft/min after passing FL150 below 1.500ft/min after passing FL190 below 1.000ft/min after passing FL240 Would be glad if you could examine the issue. Best regards!
  3. I've performed a number of trials again, and at least on Xplane 10 this seems to be an obvious bug. On the image shown below, distance to next WPT is 330NM, GS is 331kts, makes a total time of 60 Minutes. Present time was 11:32 as shown on the clock, so ETO over next WPT should be 12:32. Instead, 12:43 is displayed as ETO on the ND... ( +11 Minutes ). Especially on longer legs ( 300NM and more between two Fixes ), the observed calculated ETO for the next WPT differed by up to +25Minutes when starting the affected leg. As described before, the ETO is subsequently updated along the affected leg and becomes bit by bit more accurate when approaching the next active WPT. So probably this thread should be moved to the bug section. Best regards
  4. Hello Morten, thank's for your reply. "You have off course checked you do not have any ekstra drag out, like accidentally extended the gear, flap or spoilers." You bet! I'll try to disable some plugins, although ( apart from Sky Maxx, RWC and better Pushback ) I do not have a namable number of plugins installed... Best regards
  5. Hello. It seems that the ETO over next WPT on the upper right corner of the ND is not calculated correctly. E.g.: as on a flight today, distance to next WPT was 64NM with GS of 432. Makes a total time of 9 Minutes. The ETO shown on the ND was however 13 Minutes to go from actual time, so a gross error of +4 Minutes. On another leg, the Distance to the next WPT was 251NM at a GS of 431. Makes a total time 35 Minutes. When 251NM from next waypoint the ETO on the ND differed by +22 Minutes from the actual Legtime... Anyone else experiencing this? Edit: when approaching the next WPT, ETO on ND is subsequently updated and is finally down to the correct value when overfyling the WPT. Best regards
  6. Hello. To me, the climb performance appears a bit implausible. Took off from EDDL to LGKR today under following conditions: - ISA conditions ( 15°C / Q1013 ) - zero wind ( ground & aloft ) - TOW 58039kg - CLB rating ( ca. 93% N1 ) - climb schedule 250/280/0.74 - no Anti Ice required - RFL 330 According to Simbrief, a total distance of 117NM was expected for the Climb to FL330. Actually it took 170NM ( 53NM more than predicted ). Vertical speed was less than 1000ft/min after passing FL240... With Mach0.74 vertical speed was 500ft/min after passing FL305. Average rate of climb from 150ft to FL330 was 1130ft/min. ( 29 Minutes ) This performance does’nt appear very convincing to me. Is this a problem with the XPlane 10 Flightmodel in general or with the IXEG internal modeling? Thanks and best regards EDIT: I‘ve got the impression, that other Add on Aircraft are facing the same problem, such as the FF A320. So probably an xPlane 10 inherent issue...?
  7. Hello, I'm quite unfamiliar with the VR technology, but I'm curious and about to give it a try. As I have no clue nor any previous VR experience, I would be happy if you could help me out with some advise. My system: X-Plane 10 i7 4770k@4.4GHz geforce 980ti with 6GB VRAM 16GB RAM Windows 7 64bit Will that setup have the Potential to satisfactorily run the IXEG 737 in a complex VR environment? Is "Flyinside" required? How do you interact with the knobs and switches? Is there an option to just use the mouse coursor, or is additional equipment required? Is any other additional equipment required ( such as manipulators ( Oculus Touch ), USB3 hubs, etc. )? Which headset is recommended? Oculus Rift or Vive? I've read on Amazon that the Oculus Rift Software is not really taking care of data privacy. Is that software required to run the Headset on X-Plane 10, or is "Flyinside" the only software that is required? Would you say it's well worth the investment ( it's quite a hefty pricetag ), especially when flying the IXEG 737 in X-Plane 10, or is VR in X-Plane still on a somewhat Beta Level? Thanks in advance for your help, with best regards, Toto
  8. I'm having the same issue when using Aerosofts ENBR scenery. Happens with other aircraft addons as well. Seems to be an issue with the scenery.
  9. Could someone do Lufthansa Express from the early 90s? https://aviation.stackexchange.com/questions/1635/what-was-lufthansa-express Best regards, Toto
  10. Same here. Cockpit looks by far not as good as in XP10. GTX980Ti
  11. Hello, there's a greenish shimmer in the XP11 Cockpit even when the green eyebrow shades are removed. best regards
  12. Hello, just noticed that the Engine Start Switches are without "Click"-Sound when being actuated in XP11. best regards
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