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  1. Thank you for your help! But with my current sitting, other aircrafts do have those reflection on the cockpit instruments, is it the characteristic of V1.2 in XP11?
  2. Help!!! I can‘t find any cockpit instruments reflection in XP11 with V1.2 update, what's going on?
  3. After several months waiting,the ixeg team released V1.2 of 733 and this is the first time I saw the cockpit in XP11 on my pc. I found there is no reflection in cockpit which it use to have on those instruments. I'm not sure is it just happen on my game, does anybody notice?
  4. I just give up on P3D and start to fly with x-plane 11(waiting steam version release).I'm so interested in sharing cockpit function, does anybody knows that whether the Smartcopilot plugin working correct in X-PLANE 11? Thank you guys and sorry about my English,hope you guys can understand what I‘m ’talking about.
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