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  1. OMG this is amazing, even with NASA Graphs, all is about the feeling of the aircraft, all those numbers are for Engineers, as 737 driver (NGs) i can tell you related the flight dynamics this is the closest one to real airliner, even over PMDG. The landing on this jets depends of a lot of factors, energy, mass, weather, etc., so how can you say as a fact something watching a video, really???. Dont be so worried about soft landings, be worried to land the bird inside the 3000 ft marks, because with 5 knots over Vref, a delayed thrust cut and some nice winds, you are gonna fly over the runway a lot if you dont have a good expertise and quickly move the beauty to the ground and that doesnt mind the softest landing. (that happens on the IXEG) So i didnt seen any other real driver discontent about the flight dynamics of this plane and there are a lot over here.
  2. On the 700s and old 800s very often you need to compensate with rudder trim after take off (not immediately) or climbing due to a deflection on the rudder, is not always but often, i heared from former classic drivers that is the same, even on the 200s, so i dont know if on the IXEG this is some kind of psichological issue or very well simulated. And by the way you are not gonna see everything even on millions of videos. This is some kind of behind the scenes stuff. Cheers
  3. I have to congratulate you guys for this outstanding work, i was really surprised for the flight model. In real life i fly 700s and 800s and always i found the 300 very close to the 700 on the flight characteristics, not the performance obviously. The new flight model is very accurate, really is For example after take off i needed to apply rudder trim to compensate and put that Yoke arrow centered again, was there when my mind blows. i am really happy with this plane, i gonna test more this bird . Just dont forget to udpate the FMC, i really need to know how much fuel i gonna have at my arrival hehehe. Cheers guys
  4. Sorry for this answer but iam short of time now, there are a video on YouTube look for "how to add fps to xplane 11". Enviado desde mi RNE-L23 mediante Tapatalk
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