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  1. Jota


    Well, I'm still having problems using the plane in vr, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't ... does anyone know anything?
  2. Jota


    It works for me ... thanks in any case
  3. Jota


    I bought oculus rift s and it doesn't work with ixeg ...
  4. Hello friends, I am in final ascent and I hear the alarm of take off config, do you know what it can be? greetings
  5. Jota


    as always, thank you very much for your answers, so I can learn more about the plane, greetings Jan
  6. Jota


    Hello friends, I have a question, can you confirm if ixeg completely performs the rnav approaches? greetings and thanks!
  7. I'm not sure about it, I would like to know where exactly they are put ...
  8. Hi, I tried this addon, but I only get to be notified of the 80 knots ...
  9. Jota


    Thank you very much, I will observe everything you say to me
  10. I leave my request for this livery, I would like to fly with it ...
  11. Jota


    I would have left some warning, alarm, but no
  12. Jota


    Aprende a pronunciar Hello friends, it has happened to me sometimes that while on a cruise, the plane starts to lift the nose loses speed until it goes into loss until it plummets, I repeat it has happened to me 3 or 3 times since I have the plane, does anyone know anything? how is it solved or something? Cheers !
  13. Hello! Can someone explain to me how a holding pattern is programmed? regards
  14. Jota

    crash bar issue

    Aprende a pronunciar Ah, I forgot, I installed xplane and tbm on another PC, my laptop and let me activate it without problems. Knowing that it worked on another PC, would I make sure it worked if I format the operating system on the PC where it is locked?
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