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  1. @laciga there might be another solution in this thread: It seems like deleting X-Plane's shadercache as well as the X-Plane.prf file can also resolve this issue (without having to set visual effects to high).
  2. Hi @arpulakus I tried out your tip and it worked for me!! I cannot thank you enough! I also want to add to your solution that I in addition to deleting the shadercache as you suggested, I only deleted the "X-Plane.prf" file within the preferences folder. This way one does not need to worry about anything else like joystick calibration, etc. Perhaps @Cameron or a moderator can mark this thread as solved and (maybe) even pin it so your solution can help others as well. I think I even had a similar issue in the TBM with the AoA indicator. I'll see whether this has been resolved now as well (and report back).
  3. Hi hbeckd, thanks for the feedback! I actually do not use any add-on shader program (at least not that I am aware of it. will double check). If it were possible to use the HUD with HDR turned OFF, that would be a game changer for me (and surely for quite a few others as well). Perhaps @skiselkov can help out with this one/clarify?
  4. Do you guys also have to set HDR to on in order to use the HUD? If I use the Medium option, the HUD symbology appears below the glass for me. I'd love to be able to use it in the Medium option as my frames are tanking otherwise :/
  5. I think it was the same for me when I looked down towards the ground in VR. Once I raised my head above a certain angle, the missing textures popped back in.
  6. Well if you're not using a VR headset I guess you're not in VR mode anyway. This fixed my issue but there seems to be a different one (with a different solution for you). Sorry :/
  7. Update: I seem to have found a workaround for now. Load the aircraft in non-VR mode first and turn on VR after having left the FBO.
  8. I am unfortunately also experiencing CTDs when loading the aircraft in career mode. I attached the log. I am using VR and I also found the same lines in the log that the OP pointed out. I then looked into the aircraft's directory (CL650) and it doesn't seem to include the vrconfig file for me... Hope this helps to figure this one out. Log.txt
  9. First things first: I'm pretty new to VR myself. I've taken delivery of my first VR headset (a Pimax 5k Plus) just a few weeks ago. As far as I know, the Pimax tends to take an even bigger hit on frames than the HP Reverb due to its high FOV. As for the controllers, I'm using the Valve Index controllers. This shouldnt't be too important however, because I would assume that most/all VR controllers behave very similarly when it comes to rotating knobs, etc. My PC specs are similar to yours but instead of the Threadripper 2920x I've got an i9-9900k and "only" 32GB of RAM. Performance wise the 733 is just great! I'm always getting better frames in it than in other payware aircraft for the same scenario (Concorde FXP, Hotstart TBM, etc.; don't get me wrong, they also perform well enough on my system). The IXEG team has announced that they're going to update the aircraft's visuals in the upcoming patches (e.g. increasing polygon count on the exterior model such as engines, etc.) which might cost a few frames but I wouldn't be too worried about that because the IXEG devs are known to keep an eye on performance. One thing I did notice when I started to fly the 733 in VR was that it was very difficult to rotate knobs such as the heading dial, etc. since they were way too sensitive. As far as I know the IXEG team is aware of that and will fix that in one of the upcoming patches. Additionally, there is an inofficial mod out there that addresses this and a few other VR related issues/quirks in the meantime (which works like a charm for me). I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post a link to this mod but you can easily find it by searching for "ixeg 737 vr mod". However, please be aware that this or any other inofficial mod are not supported by IXEG and you should always back up the files you're replacing. I have yet to figure out if there is a way to access the IXEG specific windows such as the preflight manager, etc. in VR or if I have to do that in 2D prior to a flight. So, all in all, I would definitely recommend the IXEG 733 both in 2D and VR but I love it even more in VR. If you have any other questions, just let me know. Cheers!
  10. I just wanted to share some pictures of recent flights. The first one is from an evening landing and the second one a day light take off from Dublin Airport
  11. Hi, I was having some fun today trying to imitate a video that was quite popular on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RO66a_nvus) using the IXEG 737 . I intentionally applied reverse thrust below 10ft above the ground (which is possible in the real 737 and also in the IXEG 737). Good job, IXEG Greetings, Julius
  12. Looks like your 737 forgot that it actually is a fixed wing aircraft and now tries to take off like a helicopter. Made my day, mate
  13. I don´t mean to offend you. Just saying that constructive criticism makes more sense to me than down votes without explaining what´s wrong with the product. But never mind. You´re free to do what you favor to do, Sir
  14. A bit off topic but this @Raphaelvix guy seems to be an interesting case. He has never posted any content in the forums but yet I see him voting down so many posts regarding X-Plane development content like here in the IXEG subforum. If you really have a problem with a product or with a person, why don´t you post your issue in the forums or talk to the persons like a normal adult person? Discouraging people who try to improve our world of X-Plane seems the wrong answer to me...
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