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  1. “That's understandable. If the product doesn't suit the kind of simulation you are interested in then it's great there are other addons that suit your needs better. Simulation isn't a game of "collect them all" - some products fit some people, others don't, and it's great to have variety. Regarding the failure system, some of the testers and consultants have been working on training scenarios, including handling notes and extracts from the abnormal procedures for the aircraft. The intention is to develop this over the life of the product to use the failure system to train sim pilots on Challenger 650 operation, just like real life pilots are trained at recurrent simulator visits“ …Graeme_77….I’ve probably failed to express myself correctly. Please accept my apologies for that. The fact that you had “testers and consultants “ that helped HOT START develop this add on “by the book” it is simply no doubt!….Anyway look at “BlackBird_GR “ answer. That is what I ( tried..) to get. I only asked some ( legal..) way to give us customers a way to put our hands on some sort of FCOM/Manuals/QRH. I’m an Airline Pilot and I don’t care flying a single engine approach or dealing with loss of Hydraulic system simply “guessing “ or trying to “figure out” the solution. The only approach I have to the so called “abnormal/emergency scenarios “ is through the study-interpretation of the books/manuals. And I don’t care if such books are current or experied. I simply need something to rely on when dealing with an Emergency…..anyway BlackBird_GR has already answers and sorted out the whole tread.So it is no point discuss this thread any further. Anyway please understand that I allow myself to criticize you only because I know you’re the best decelopers for XPlane so far. Rest assured thanks for this amazing add on please keep updating this amazing aircraft:-)
  2. It is quite a shame to provide an aircraft/add on with a “failure menu” and do not provide any manual-clue-reference on how to accomplish such failures ….Most of the typical “hot start customers” are Real Life Pilots or , at least, in depth aviation enthusiast…..executing a single engine missed approach or a dual generator failure just “guessing “ what to do is simply useless. I’d rather spend 50$ less and have a simple aircraft addon which only give the chance to go for a normal flight from “A to B”….maybe in cavok conditions
  3. Hi , for the time being, I’ve found the MMEL….all the other manuals are quite hard to find ( for free..) Cl600_EASA-MMEL_Rev01 2.pdf
  4. Thanks for replying Goran….it goes without saying that, “custom waypoint “ is really a small datail, this is under all point of views one of the most detailed add-on ever produced so far ( and I’m speaking about tons of add-on I’m still using on P3D and FS…)…..so…as I’ve stated above: Thank you for this amazing product!!!…..and please: Keep supporting it!!! regrads, claudio
  5. Yes it is definitely a good question since I also cannot find any indication in the manual …
  6. Hallo Litjan, I’ve just found some performance charts I’ve used when I flew with the ( real..) I-AIGR with air italy ( Antalya and Almeria...)...Same goes for the real QRH ( always the ones specific to the “GR”..). Take care Claudio LEI_737-300_22K.pdf AYT-737-300_22K.pdf AYT-737-300_22K.pdf
  7. Litjan thanks for the tips....I really like the “35-45-55” rule-of-thumb...and I’ll surely give it a try ( on the sim;-))))....Thanks again for your patience and willingness to help. Take care! claudio
  8. Arrivederci Litjan!!!!...before I forget!!...do you have any idea where can I get some runway performance charts?....I’m using Topcat but it has no performance tables for the “classic”....so far only the NG is supported :-((( p.s: it goes without saying that calculating the assumed temperature without EFB or PerfCharts is simply uncanny...
  9. Hallo Litjan, thanks for quick and very clear reply.....ok...than the same goes in other add ons I use ( Milviz B350 also requires you to manually delete the arrival airport...)......And....yes...I’m also a real Airline pilot and there is definitely an easier way to do the same in the real aircraft;-)))))....anyway...Thanks for your very nice add on. I most often use PMDG 737 ngxu ( which is also the aircraft I fly in real life..) and yours is definitely my favorite ( the last “Classic “ I flew on pc was Wilco’s 733...which is now to be considered very old..). thanks again and congratulations for your marvelous add-on. cheers claudio
  10. Claudio Guidomaluccio Tue, 02/16/21 9:46 pm Litjan, One thing I’ve noticed today simulating an engine failure right after take off: After completing all recall-actions and non normal checklist I’ve decided to return to my departure airport. Well, on the CDU route page as well as on the DEP/ARR page ,there was no way to insert and/ or select from my departure airport any kind of Arrival procedure ( neither STAR nor Terminal Approach procedure..) . In few words it looks like that , once departed ,(if something goes wrong..)there’s no way to come back to the departure airport.....Is it a known/existing bug or am I missing something? Thank you for your help. All my best Claudio Longobardi
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