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Icing + CG/Trim question

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Hi Guys,

Absolutely love this aircraft!

I have a couple of questions:-

Is de icing actually required? As in does ice accumulate and affect the aircraft or is purely for "roleplaying" ice conditions? I only ask as I have yet to see ice on the aircraft and never know if I need to actually de-ice or not?

2nd question, I can't seem to find the CG value to enter in the perf data page therefore I dont know how to find out what the correct T/O trim will be, I know the CG field doesnt have to be filled in but how else would I get the correct trim setting?




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16 hours ago, Rastuasi said:

5.0 to 6.0 is what I go with, so long as it's in that range, I just leave it. I am sure there's a more official way, but I have not found any charts to show that.

Toto and Graeme both say the same thing, and I'm sure they got their information from @CL650Pilot.

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