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  1. Hi all, Thought i'd post a few screenshots of some of my recent flights, all have had some tweaking in photoshop to give them a slightly more real appearance.
  2. Worked out what it was and it was pilot error! Slightly embarassing but i was resting my foot on my rudder pedals :D Please delete this post if neccessary.
  3. Aileron trim was neutral as was rudder trim, T/O trim was 5.0. I'm sure its user error but I will grab a screenshot if it happens again. Thanks Graeme
  4. Hi all, I have noticed in two different flights now with two different airframes that the aircraft has a tendency to want to roll left quite heavily requiring alot or right aileron to counter it. I thought it may be due to fuel imbalance but I confirmed that wasn't the issue on the second flight. The first flight it happened when landing the second flight on take off. Am I doing something wrong? I have had countless other lfights before hand which were fine. Thanks
  5. Thanks guys, any idea on finding out the correct T/O trim?
  6. Hi Guys, Absolutely love this aircraft! I have a couple of questions:- Is de icing actually required? As in does ice accumulate and affect the aircraft or is purely for "roleplaying" ice conditions? I only ask as I have yet to see ice on the aircraft and never know if I need to actually de-ice or not? 2nd question, I can't seem to find the CG value to enter in the perf data page therefore I dont know how to find out what the correct T/O trim will be, I know the CG field doesnt have to be filled in but how else would I get the correct trim setting? Thanks
  7. Managed to fix the issue with the blank displays. I had turned the knob on the overhead down that reads "Digits", dialled this back up and the displays came back.
  8. I will post the required files when i am next on my pc. My fps in the cockpit is between 18 and 31 depending on amount of cloud etc outside the window. i managed to fly an almost complete flight last night without the displays going blank however a new issue came up during the flight. About half way through i turned the wx radar on and a gizmo console box popped up, i read through it and there didnt seem to be any errors so i carried on. The issue was when trying to dial in a lower altitude for the descent, the altitude selector would not change from the current selected altitude of 18000ft. Could flywithlua be affecting it?
  9. Same issue again although this time I have blank screens right from the start. After engine start the screens are still blank, the only thing I have changed since the previous flight is adding FlyLUA for real Terra Haze. If I click buttons on the radio panel on the centre pedestal I can hear beeping as if the radios are on but theres is nothing showing on the displays...The Garmin GPS is also blank
  10. Thanks for the reply. I uninstalled and reinstalled the aircraft and managed to do a full flight without the displays going blank. I will try another flight tomorrow to see if the displays go blank again. I can confirm when the displays went blank all avionics switches were on, the aircraft was flying in cruise for atleast 10 mins before the displays went off.
  11. Hi, I have just purchased the Saab 340 but I am having an issue with the Garmin GPS and radio panel on the centre pedestal, they keep going blank mid flight. I have heard of issues before of aircraft systems going blank if people are using an illegal copy of the aircraft, but I am using a paid copy which I purchased today (26th June 2015) I have activated the product correctly as far as I can tell. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks Darren
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