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  1. You could also check FlightAware for information on routes flown by the CL60 and similar aircraft.
  2. If there's no SID, there has to be an ODP. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. Of course it does!!! would you expect anything less from @Goran_Matovina?
  4. Try the "FUEL DUMP" button on the overhead?(just kidding) There is a "defuel" option on the fuel panel, but that is typically performed by maintenance only and I'm not sure if it works. But seriously, why do you want a zero fuel state? If you plan to fly the jet you're going to need fuel. So depending on the length of your flight, you're either going to need to add fuel, or not refuel at all if the trip is short enough....
  5. Just to clarify, it's an RNAV (RNP) The only other approach type available for PSP 31L is a VOR approach. Go to DEP/ARR to select the approach. What altitude did you originally have set, and did you arm the approach?
  6. So how do we handle weight and balance, on the request sheet in the FBO?
  7. Maximum zero fuel weight is 14,515kg. Fuel capacity is 9,000 kg. 14,515-9,000=5,515 That should be your max cargo weight (I think) MTOW is 21,863kg. Also, I don't think you need to use to XP weight and balance menu. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, I'm curious about this too.
  8. Thanks for the link, that's the tool I thought you referring to. As far as modifying the XML file goes, I saw something called an "auto action" that had what looked like a dataref attached to it. I thought it would be as easy as adding my own, but I am NOT skilled at this at all, so I'm probably wrong.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I'll wait for the catalogue I think. My thought behind this is to allow me to do other things while the FO handles everything else. I LOVE what the FO does during taxi, before takeoff, after takeoff, etc. and I want to expand on that. Does this make sense to you? What is the dataref tool you mentioned, please.
  10. Anyone know a good way to get a list of all the CL650 datarefs, Is there a downloadable file available? I would like to try editing the checklist XML file and have the FO complete most of the preflight checks on his own. I suppose I should also ask if this is allowed by Hot Start? I would not share the file unless that's also okay with Toto. Thanks
  11. How would you handle how that controls whether the value goes up or down?
  12. Does your joystick have a twist function? If so, use it to control the rudder and steer the plane on the ground.
  13. How many PAX on board? With tanks full I believe the limit is two passengers (plus two crew) That would put you at MTOW.
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