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  1. @Cameron @dlrkThis is what I'm asking for (see attached doc) I think it would've been very helpful to myself and many others. In his stream FAQ's, Toto said a quick start guide would be available. I've seen many questions in this forum that would have been answered by a document like this. In the mean time, I'm getting my knowledge from @Graeme and @totoritko's streams. It's a fantastic aircraft. Best regards, John QuickStartGuide.pdf
  2. Please elaborate Cameron. I'm not trying to start an argument with you, I'm trying to make a point to you and others, and it seems to be getting misunderstood. What, exactly, do you think I'm not understanding? Allow me to reiterate, what I'm asking for is a manual/user guide like the one that came with the TBM 900.(and most other payware aircraft that I've purchased) Something that would have shown me exactly where the pitch sync button was located, or where the ATS disconnect buttons are located, recommended button/key bindings etc. Thanks in advance.
  3. Does anyone read anymore? Twice I've said that I'm not talking about a manual from the manufacturer What I've been asking for is a manual like the one that came with the Hot Start TBM 900, which was written by Hot Start !!! volume and copywrite aren't part of the equation.
  4. Toto and Graeme both say the same thing, and I'm sure they got their information from @CL650Pilot.
  5. Turn off XP11 failures. This failure is not coming from the Challenger.
  6. I'm talking about a manual written by the developer, like the one that comes with the TBM900. I'm not talking about the actual Bombardier manual.
  7. I'm still confused as to why this aircraft shipped without a proper manual. (like the TBM) I've the question in this forum, as well as in comments on Toto's YouTube channel. Yet to hear an answer.
  8. As far as the checklist goes, there are several items that are indicated by a "sun" symbol. Meaning they are only performed on the first flight of the day, just skip right over them. It doesn't add any significant amount of time, and it's likely the same process in real life.
  9. Hi @Graeme_77 , is there no traditional manual like there is for the TBM? I can't seem to find one. Thanks.
  10. If you are in the cruise and not in visible moisture, the inertial separator should be OFF. Leaving it on will cause an increase of ITT.
  11. Glad to know there is a "fix" for the steering "issue" As realistic as it may be, I found the ground handling via differential braking using my Logitech rudder pedals very annoying. To the point that I stopped flying this otherwise brilliant aircraft. I attribute this to the fact that every other plane I own I have steered using the rudder. This is not TorqueSim's fault, it just "is what it is" Going to give this "fix" a try for sure.
  12. Go to your XP11 settings and find the keyboard shortcuts. See what function is bound to W then change it to the view you want. Or just use your numpad keys and you can set ten separate views of your own choosing.
  13. What was the resolution to the issue?
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