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  1. At 5000Kg let my computer run for 10 hours. Sorry what is that please for ne statement loool
  2. Hello everyone, how can I set the Challenger so that it starts with 0 kg of fuel? I always start with 5280 kg?
  3. You're a joke, aren't you? The plane is only for professionals, not for P3d children:) lool
  4. When I create a flight plan with Littlenavmap, the TBM cannot load it see photo and CTD. Is there a solution
  5. Please drop the mouse cursor down the "torquesim" letter und drag with mouse down worked for me
  6. What has that got to do with whether I can fly Holding manually or not. The holding company is part of an FMC. It's that simple. You can expect that for a $ 70 plane. And the simple explanation on the part of the developers is simply insufficient.
  7. My Queastions is not Answered? Why can not fly Holding Pattern for a Product for over 70 Dollar? thanks
  8. I have delete and reinstalled MAXX FX the Problem solved
  9. Dear Developer Update 1.3 thanks for all BUT Why did you forget the HOLDING function in the FMC. This is a serious point of absence. Furthermore, if you leaf through the Progress page, it will be a disaster. After such a long time for development. Why do you forget something like that? The holding function is the most important thing in an FMC. And the other one Why not implement open close Doors for Passenger? greetings.
  10. Thats it XGS plugin not worked. Now fine the Aircraft worked Perfect thanks for all help this Aircraft is absolutly fantastico
  11. I bought the islanders. Now I wanted to start but no button worked. Properly installed and activated in my X-Aviation account. You only hear a muffled clicking sound when I activate the battery switch. No switch works. I can only move the thrust levers, that's it. And besides, the load manager doesn't work for me either. If I point to the left side with the mouse, no window opens with this menu. Urgently ask for help
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