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  1. I just did some test with an ATC: The first screenshot are my settings. The second one is his radar. I am indicated -100ft. when tempreture effects are off. If I switch them on, I am descending a bit and therefore end up at -300ft I just remember somthing: it started after I used better pushback for thw first time in the CL650. The tug connected, I got a pull up warning and the alt tape was winding down a few 100 ft Update: on local QNH the alt matches. on standard I am off by 100-300ft
  2. I am pretty sure I am on the newest version. Anyway,my log from this morning :-) Log.txt
  3. I also never had this Issue it seemingly just poped up. After I was notified my ATC I also tried to set the complex altimeter simulation on active, just to test. I was making things waaay worse
  4. I am using Active sky. It had not caused problems so far
  5. Do we have Vatsim ATC`s here? Amsterdam told me this happens about 2 times per session but it can also be the other way around: two aircrafts seperated by 1000ft on the radar are getting TCAS alerts. maybe there was an update to Euroscope?
  6. Good morning. Last night, as well as right now, I was told by ATC that I am 200ft below my assign alt when, according to the Aircraft, I am at level. The realistic temp effect on the altimeter are OFF. Baro setting is standard. I have already tried to create a new airframe, no effect Any ideas? thanks.
  7. Hi. I would love to see a livery of "Volkswagen Air Service". See pictures. Thanks :-) Ps: No in real life they don`t fly Challangers ;-)
  8. Hi. by now I have noticed this issue with other planes too, but in the CL650 it`s most prominent. Even when all light switches are OFF, it is very bright in the plane. Any idea what it could be thanks :-)
  9. Good morning. i`ve just done my 10th flight and I love this bird more and more with every hour. Since I do everything according to the books, walking back into the FBO feels very much like work is done/end of shift. To extend on this feeling of "work I would love to do in RL" maybe even more paper work could be added? Like filling the tech log and personal pilot logbook ect. Thanks. Tim
    Looking good! I am the only one who's thinking that the TBM needs this... And we might need a lonngboard to explore the area
  10. Ok. In that case I was prob just to quick when I just wanted to test if it works. Guess the antenna had not picked up the satellite yet. I am on my wa to Insbruck right now. Following the checklist/gave the antenna time and everything works fine :-)
  11. I will check the Imrasat/iridium cover later. But just to make sure: Is it neccesary the IRS to be aligned? PS: This addon does a great job in showing me how little I ever was concerned with HOW/WHY something works :D. Need to change that !
  12. Good evening. I have some trouble with the FPL recall function. My Simbrief ID is entered in thje user settings. But there are a few questions I have about the "out of jet pocedures". 1) I can just use my browser and set up the flight, without the sim runnung, or do I have to use th flight planning room? 2) Must the page shown in the screenshot be open, Guess not, but one time it worked this was the case, on the return trip the browser was closed, it did not work. 3) fin number vs dep/ARR. If I have multiple flights starting from one Airport I have to use DEP/ARR, because I always use the same fin number (650), right? I have encountered these scenarios: 1) Sucsessful FPL download 2) FPL download rejected ( Pilot ID not changed or deleted from the settings 3) Request pending disapears, no other MSG, FPL not loaded Thank you.
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