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  1. That is not a problem of the TBM. You need to update the X-Plane databse using e.g. Navigraph AIRAC's
  2. Floater


    some pics from me
  3. Make sure; you have to actually MOVE the CB/your mouse. single click does not work
  4. Floater


    Nope. Just lined up in EGLC and moved the throttle the first centimeters to set T/O thrust. Ps. rebooted X-Plane and done the same flight without any problem
  5. Floater


    First CTD since I own the TBM Log.txt
  6. You need to setup a account with autorouter.aero. paste your login in the "sim card" of garmin. (click on it and you will see a login form). When that is done you should have all charts eurocontrol offers. Floater. PS. If you fly in the US Charts should already be avalible.
  7. I just discovered the build in Link to Autorouter.aero/the ability to have all the charts you need in the G1000. I am speechless and totally in love with his Aircraft! Won't fly everything else in the next few weeks. Just thought I let you know... Thank you Hot Start ! Floater
  8. I have not checked the temperatures, but start the getting started tutorial and x out of it give you at least a dark TBM
  9. roughly +15fps. I am speechless
  10. For 1 and 2: Make sure that AP trim is on in the overhead panel
  11. I've never seen such a rate of updates. You guys are amazing! As the others said: calm down and have a nice weekend/a few days off
  12. There is so much I want to say. But let's make this quick: thank you for this great aircraft! I will log many hours in the next few days
  13. hmm...I just tried to instal the update. But it looks like the Installer does nothing. Same picture for roughly 15 minutes now
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