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  1. When I create a new plane in career mode the HUD works correctly. It's when I take the same plane for later flights that's when it doesn't work puls and I don't have any electrical malfunction alert on the ECAM.
  2. Thank you for your reply. I tried to turn the button that you indicate to me but without success. Is there another switch for the HUD somewhere else?
  3. When I lower the Challenger 650 HUD, I don't get any green indications inside. Is there a push button? Thank you for your reply
  4. To tune takeoff performances, do you know where, in the Challenger 650, the CG and Flex can be found ?
  5. I'm starting with the Challenger 650. I have a rolling problem. I don't have a large enough turning radius to stay on the taxiway when cornering. I just have a joystick to drive. I have the noose steer and the antiskid armed. Can you help me ?
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