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  1. there is much more than you can imagine, me and many others who know very well modeled aircraft speak some implements but I have fun with my flights. .
  2. greetings I upgraded my Windows10 to version 21H1 and when starting X plane-11 and loading IXEG I was asked to reactivate the license, reactivation was made but a message remains that my license has 15 days remaining, this means that I have to reactivate after 15 days or is the license valid for 15 days?
  3. yes Litjan I will do it .... thanks, as you said the FMC needs to go through a review in VNAV mode until then I will continue to have fun with this beautiful classic aircraft whether flying interacting in the MCP manually with failure or without failure the important thing is to simulate. Greetings and thanks you are always considerate here on the forum.
  4. Greetings I am having several errors and crashes in the FMC, when I try to change any parameter type SID, STAR, IAC or altitude in any fixed, Example: fixed type UGVUV 250 / FL090A when I try to change to UGVUV 240 / FL090 the FMC locks, when changing an arrival, the altitudes of the fixed points of this new arrival are all wrong. I have AIRAC updated by NAVIGRAPH and noticed that inside the folder X- Plane-11> Aircraft> X-Aviation> IXEG 737 Classic> fmc_data: there is a note pad folder with the following description: This_is_Aerosoft.txt. Does Nav_data think I'm using Aeros
  5. Thank you Litjan, you are always very helpful, yes it is what I have done to revert to a descent V / S or FL CHG, a new update for the Altitude Pilot Client has come out. Captain greetings.
  6. Hello I am noticing a problem with the IXEG TCAS this is not reporting the traffic when I am connected to IVAO as shown in the photos, it is possible to update the traffic on the Altitude PILOT Client TCAS but there is no information about this traffic on the Navigation Display. It also seems to have a problem with the VNAV during the descent at a certain fixed point, the altitude information in the FMS goes blank and the others are present, but when trying to enter the manual altitude the aircraft cannot follow the descent profile and its speed and altitude restrictions. I'm making the log av
  7. ok ..... but i want to know if i am using the latest version of stable Gizmo64, how do i know if i have updated Gizmo64? Does it automatically update with the aircraft? or do I need to download Gizmo64 separately to upgrade? GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  8. I'm having some crashes during the flight, when looking at the XP-11 administrative plugin menu in the performance tab I notice a very large consumption of Gizmo64, I updated the IXEG B 733 but I didn't put the GIZMO64 Beta for obvious reasons, but I'm in doubt if the Gizmo64 updated along with the latest IXEG update. What is the latest version of the stable Gizmo64? GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  9. Better Pushback Fix for IXEG 737 v1.3 optional video: https://youtu.be/Bts0tik8V3I
  10. greetings could someone show me the correct path of the folders and command lines that i have to change for BetterPushBack to work on my IXEG B733 ... thanks. i'm confused what i really should do
  11. ..... First of all, thanks for the update. I really like this classic model of aircraft ... in relation to the report above, it is also the same problem on another route and I am using navigraph , attach the flight log that shows this problem, I hope it helps to clarify something about what happened .. GizmoLog.txt IXEG_FMS_debug.txt plane.txt Log.txt
  12. Thank you for not giving up on this beautiful aircraft, I will be waiting for news I like this aircraft very much, it was very well done for sure, if it had not been I would not have earned 5 stars and will continue with the 5 stars with this new update so expected.
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