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  1. Hi Goran, thinking in go for xEnviro, both masterpieces, the LES SAAB and the TBM own their weather radars currently working fine with xEnviro?
  2. Hi, great Job, SUMU and SULS are X-Plane11 Vulkan compatibles?
  3. Hi, is the JRollon Bae compatible with the latest Xplane11 Vulkan version? Are the ice effects working on Vulkan?
  4. It would really be awesome and in the same way it would be to maintain the level that Torquesim and AFM has been demonstrating in all its products, that the islander be including a maintenance wear/tear hangar like the Mooney M20, Pocket Rocket and the rest of your products have. The islander is the only Torquesim/AFM product that does not have maintenance, it would be great to include it in the next update. I purchased all your products, and you are outstanding developers, Steaven is extremely talented, and the fact is that you should go forward and not back down in product development. you a
  5. Hi, you are the best of the best!! Thank you for developing study level beauties!! could I get a discord invite please? thank you.
  6. You are right Cameron, any way I will purchase the awesome ixeg but the point is that developers spend many hours in 3d exterior model, passengers cabin, minor details and why not "wing flex"?, why not be simulating the passenger view too? All other developers have applied this stuff on their models and is beautiful be looking throw the window and look at the wing movement instead of a wing that behave like a paralyzed stick. The level of detail that the ixeg has achieved is something incredible, so I can not understand how this nice touch has not been implemented yet on the wing simulation,
  7. Then put skis instead of wheels because you will never see them again during the trip
  8. Hi, I still did not purchase your outstanding 737, you have developed the best x plane aircraft, no doubt it is a 97% the Real bird, one query... How is possible you still not implemented the wingflex in your awesome product? I mean wingflex turns the flight extremely immersive and realistic. Will be included in an upcoming update? Many pilots are asking for that feature, Cheers!!
  9. Hi, great job and very nice bird, thumbs up for the study level aircrafts. Not a show stopper but i would want to know if the garmin switches will be moving in the upcoming update, I mean if the switch movement will be modelated and implemented, cheers!!.
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