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Development Update: One more thing...

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Dear Captains,

Has been a long time since the last update, but we have been working continuously, especially the last months. We are now at the point, that this might be the last developer's update before release.

X-Plane 12

As you already know, a lot of things happened the last year; the biggest one, the release of X-Plane 12. We were participating in X-Plane 12 alpha testing, from day one, and while we were proving feedback to Laminar, we also testing DC-3's compatibility, and how we will react to this change. Initially, without knowing XP12 release date, we were planning to release for XP11. But around Autumn, with the X-Plane 12 beta out, it was obvious we had to support X-Plane 12 as well. In those testing days, we were continuously switching between X-Plane versions, to be sure that things work right for both simulators. But, with the new stuff X-Plane 12 brought, it was obviously that we cannot have a common aircraft for both versions. Even we tried to have a version with only what works in both version, but that was going to be a half-baked product, so was no go.

Also we took a decision (read below), that would have made parallel development impossible. Given the extension of our development roadmap, we were sure that DC-3 release will happen after the official X-Plane 12 release. So, we decided to move forward and support only X-Plane 12.

Introducing DC-3, Modern aircraft version!

While all the above was going on, brainstorming together with our beta testers, we decided to create a second aircraft with more modern avionics. While the, the now named, DC-3 Classic gives you all the vibes of the 1940's technology, it was going to be hard, if not impossible to perform flights specially in online networks. Also, the newer, "Modern" aircraft
is more accessible to more pilots, having instrumentation that is very well known, widely used.

Of course, that does not mean, just drop a few instrument (idk... like G1000s :D) and call it a day. Everything designed and developed to work as per manuals. Here what is new:

Pilots' Stations:
1. Pilot's HSI: Bendix/King KI-525A.
2. Pilot's RMI: Bendix/King KNI-582 Dual Pointer RMI.
3. 2 Course Indicators, one for each pilot.
4. 2
independent KDI-572 DME indicators, one for each pilot.

Radio Stack:
1. Bendix/King KAP-140 Autopilot - Two Axis with Altitude Preselect.
2. X-Plane's GNS 530, with support for RealityXP's 530, which also provides controls for COM1/NAV1.
3. Bendix/King KX-165A VHF COM/NAV transceiver, for COM2 and NAV2 tuning.
4. Bendix/King KT-73 Transponder.
5. 2 Bendix/King KR-87 Silver Crown ADF systems.

All radios and autopilot are fully simulated and perform all normal operations, as described in their manuals.

For the rest of the systems, they were updated were needed, and adapted to operate with the new aircraft.

The maintenance and airframe systems, are also apply to the Modern aircraft as well.



We are reaching the final stretch of this development road, and will be very happy to provide you 2 aircraft, the Classic for the vintage aircraft enthusiasts, and the Modern, which is more capable, in terms of IFR operations. Time for a couple screenshot of the new aircraft, right? (of course still WIP!)







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Thank you Ilias, this is great news indeed! I'd have been a happy customer of the classic alone, but I love a good retrofit, so that second model is the icing on the cake for me. I'm really looking forward to flying its wings off.

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Outstanding job Ilias, can't wait!!!

Also would be great an integration with the REALSIMGEAR G500 and G5 from the Torquesim guys in the virtual cockpit of the LES modern avionics DC3 variant, would be really awesome!!!

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