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  1. It works! Thanks for an advice. I can see those NDBs scattered around Europe. Especially in Netherlands but also some in UK, Italy and more.
  2. What a bummer during approach briefing. How do I tune to 0.5 kHz NDB?
  3. Hi please confirm it's working as expected (questions for Jan probably): ADF QDM presesentation is not available on EHSI in EXP VOR/ILS mode: ADF QDM/QDR presentation is displayed on EHSI in FULL VOR/ILS mode with VOR/ADF button OFF: ADF QDM/QDR presentation is hidden on EHSI in FULL VOR/ILS mode with VOR/ADF button ON: Kind regards Marcin
  4. Speed change helps a little speed. Nevertheless it's not supposed to happen: 160 kt 150/140 fixes the problem. And then back to 170 for example: Trying some values and then setting it to 150: It's difficult to find out what's wrong exactly. But you can easily test it even without flying. This bug can be reproduced easily at any time. Important: I did if GW around 53 tons. It's important.
  5. Wow. Glad I've found this topic. I've been resetting my passwords last two days like crazy.
  6. IXEG 1.3. Procedure I flew: EPKK ARR RWY 25 - BAREX2G + ILS25 via KK502 trans. I shortcut downwind and final (as real) from KK506 to VAXOB. Result are like in screenshots below: I didn't interrupt LNAV mode to see what happens: Cheers!
  7. X-plane 11.50 r9 IXEG 1.3 Flaps stuck during appr. At the moment of failure I was flying HDG/IAS/ALT modes of A/P. GizmoLog.txt flaps_Log.txt
  8. I reboot sth from console. But my engines where shut down so it didn't make sense to continue online. Thanks for advice.
  9. Take another look at post above. I've found some logs. (Damn you're fast)
  10. I was browsing trough reports hopefully I'm not doubling some report. My planned route was: MOLUS UN871 GAMSA DCT BADVI N871 LETNA DCT ARTUP DCT LAGAR N871 OKENO Q277 AGAVA Shortly before crossing LAGAR i "picked up" AGAVA from LEGS (last page). When I was about to enter AGAVA into L1 (Page 1) airplane crossed LAGAR and I was unable to enter AGAVA where it was supposed to go. Console window poped out with errors. I am sorry I didn't take screenshots. It was sth about null values. Since then I was unable to enter any waypoint. Either from keyobard or from list. I had to stop flight. X-plane 11.50r9 IXEG 1.3 Gizmo in beta. EDIT: luckily it's saved in X-Plane Log
  11. Those parts vendors... That makes sense. Here's FF gauge:
  12. Not an expert but are you sure it's supposed to be "x 100"? Thanks. EDIT: Fuel Flow gauge has same texture at the top. C.degrees x 100.
  13. Hi IXEG team! I can't find comprehensive FMC manual neither for IXEG 733 nor real 733. My question: is it real life 733 or IXEG limitation that multiple LVL constraints per waypoint are not implemented? I can see that STAR xml holds two values but only 150A is computed. 200 is ignored. Thanks in advance.
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