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  1. Thanks, that worked! Please ote the login popup mentions "email address" as an option as well.
  2. Every time I like to login I need to recover the password. Then it logs in. But after signing out and logging in it does not recognise the just set pasword. I am 100% sure I use the same password as I just set. (using a passowrd manager for it)
  3. For some reason the G5 says my licence is expired and I am for sure connected to the internet (otherwise I could not send this post) My login and password (as used for this forum do not work) to activate it. What to do? Thank you very much in advance. Peter GizmoLog.txt
  4. Also tried the framerate for the G5 at 40 with a flight: Much better for accurate flying than 20 and more reaistic to real movement of instrument, especialy PFD!!
  5. Pleas find attached the requested log.txt file and a video I made of the rotation issue: skipping a menu item on one click menu selection issue: after selecting the menu item with a middle button click after rotation it exits the menu instead of selecting it for changing the value As the video does not show the mouse, I will tell what I did: 00:00:02: clicked once on middle of button, menu appears 00:00:03: clicked once on right rotation, menu quickly skips one item and is immediately at 'Altitude' 00:00:06: clicked once on middle of button, menu disappears instead of selecting the altitude value for changing its value (Framerate for G5 is set to 40 in this video.) Cessna_172SP_G5_-_2020-01-14_17_11_53.avi Log.txt
  6. Hi Coop, Thank you very much for your quick response. That gives a lot of confidence in the future of the product. Rotation: Whih log.txt file do yoe mean, the standard one of X-Plane? Then I will file a bug report. Refresh Rate: I will try a higher setting. Certainly for the PFD the refresh rate of 20/s is too slow as it creates too much in lag in control. Rotation/Knob spin and pushing button 2nd time for selection: Please note I use the sofware only version with on screen control with mouse, not with RealSimGear hardware. Does that explain why you can not reproduce? Both CDI and VDI on PFD: That is quit essential, because that is the main idea of a PFD, during approach you only need to look at one instrument. RNAV annunciators: Are you sure it is not available form X-Plane? As far as I remeber the X1000 does it corrrectly. I will have a look myself as well to the docs. Bearing: The possibility of having two bearing pointers is a relative recent addition to the G5 firmware. OBS: will look at the docs myself as well AP bar: understood, for me not that essential; Vspeeds and OAT (i.e. + TAS and wind) are more important. In your response I miss one important one for me: Baro unit in hPa. I would suggest to make it a menu option or perhaps via the CFG file, iedm for OAT, Fahrenheit or Celcius. Based on your response for me personally the priority list in which the issues should be solved: 1) Baro setting in hPa possible 2) Skipping menu selection while rotating knob 3) Second button press on selected menu should give option to change value, not just exit the menu 4) Fast rotation of heading bug should be possible when holding the rotation arrow with the mouse. The heading bug is continiously used in flight and big changes occur often. 5) Both CDI and VDI on PFD, as this is an essential feature of such a system, certainly when handflying an aircraft 6) Vspeeds 7) Bearing indicators 8) OAT (TAS, wind) 9) AP annuciators, and if possible RNAV annunciators and OBS mode detection. How are software updates distributed? Is it automatic when starting the sim, or should Ido something by hand? Thank you very much in advance, Peter.
  7. I had a short test of the G5 instrument suit, it looks nice, but not good enough yet: The rotation knob skips very often a menu selection, nearly unusable Movements on the displays are not as smooth as I would expect, refresh rate too low, while rest of sim is smooth and 48 fps Baro unit can not be set to hPa (at least I could not find how to) Holding the rotation button to fast forward the heading bug moves far too slow I could not get the following to work: Selecting altitude for AP, heading or course via the menu, could not be selected by pressing the knob again in the menu while the option selected in menu. See page 16 and page 9 of the official Pilot's Guide revision D, July 2019 Missing are (as far I have seen): Horizontal CDI bar indicator on PFD, see pages 18 and 27 Pilot's guide VDI is implemented only on HSI, should also be on PFD, see pages 18 and 28 Pilot's guide RNAV annunciations in HSI, see pages 23 and 31 Pilot's Guide Bearing pointer menu is incorrect and missing features, see page 25 of Pilot's Guide Aso unclear what source of bearing pointer is, not shown on display OBS menu on HSI when 430 in OBS mode, see page 31 Pilot's Guide AP bar on top of PFD Vspeeds (Vne, Vno, Vs0, Vfe, Va, Vx, Vy, Vg, Vr) on speed tape, see page 14 of Pilot's Guide OAT (selectable in degrees Celcius) and thus missing TAS and wind indicator
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