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  1. Works sublimely! Looks like we've gained some extra treats too! Keep up the excellent work
  2. Thanks for the quick reply look forward to it
  3. Hi I have added the line below to my settings file to use HpA as I am in Europe however even with the line inserted it still defaults to in hg. Im using the G5 gauges with the 172 + REP. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks g5_mbbarounit = 1
  4. As stated already above...Winglet model of the 733 does not have logo lights. The logo light of the 733 was located at the wingtip as shown below, not like its bigger sister(the NGX) which has the logo light bulb in the horizontal stabiliser at the rear. When the blended winglets were designed they took that rake with the bulb off and never designed a logo light into the blended winglet. So its completely accurate to not have logo lights on the winglet model. Try turning off the winglets at see if its still an issue.
  5. May I just say thank you for such a superb aircraft...Im actually here from p3d/ PMDG etc yet since your 737 I haven't been back yet Here is a list of things so far I've found. Hope to help make your product better. *Maybe its a classic thing but in the Descent forecast page the winds section doesn't accept flight levels...360 has to be typed as 36000 or it comes up as 360ft *When I made some alterations to my STAR in cruise the speed commanded on the speed tape jumped randomly to .84 and CWS came on...p.s my destination airport was still 300 miles away * When descending on
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