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  1. Hallo Litjan, I’ve just found some performance charts I’ve used when I flew with the ( real..) I-AIGR with air italy ( Antalya and Almeria...)...Same goes for the real QRH ( always the ones specific to the “GR”..). Take care Claudio LEI_737-300_22K.pdf AYT-737-300_22K.pdf AYT-737-300_22K.pdf
  2. Litjan thanks for the tips....I really like the “35-45-55” rule-of-thumb...and I’ll surely give it a try ( on the sim;-))))....Thanks again for your patience and willingness to help. Take care! claudio
  3. Arrivederci Litjan!!!!...before I forget!!...do you have any idea where can I get some runway performance charts?....I’m using Topcat but it has no performance tables for the “classic”....so far only the NG is supported :-((( p.s: it goes without saying that calculating the assumed temperature without EFB or PerfCharts is simply uncanny...
  4. Hallo Litjan, thanks for quick and very clear reply.....ok...than the same goes in other add ons I use ( Milviz B350 also requires you to manually delete the arrival airport...)......And....yes...I’m also a real Airline pilot and there is definitely an easier way to do the same in the real aircraft;-)))))....anyway...Thanks for your very nice add on. I most often use PMDG 737 ngxu ( which is also the aircraft I fly in real life..) and yours is definitely my favorite ( the last “Classic “ I flew on pc was Wilco’s 733...which is now to be considered very old..). thanks again an
  5. Claudio Guidomaluccio Tue, 02/16/21 9:46 pm Litjan, One thing I’ve noticed today simulating an engine failure right after take off: After completing all recall-actions and non normal checklist I’ve decided to return to my departure airport. Well, on the CDU route page as well as on the DEP/ARR page ,there was no way to insert and/ or select from my departure airport any kind of Arrival procedure ( neither STAR nor Terminal Approach procedure.
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