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  1. Not going to blame you since they are rather chaotic when it comes to that. http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/104744-plus-and-premium-versions/&do=findComment&comment=1064360 That is a post I was referencing to.
  2. That's probably the case, thank you.
  3. Would be wise to leave such claims to the developers, after all it's not your place to call a project you are not in any shape or form involved with dead. Actually, they are pretty active with responses on the other forum. It's still going, not so long ago Kiwi said it's coming a bit slower due to numbers of bugs they are encountering.
  4. Hello! Seems like I am not getting ticket numbers on my email, is it a site wide problem or mine own?
  5. Hey @JohnMAXX Beautiful as always. It's probably been answered elsewhere, but are you planning on introducing new texture for falling snow as well?
  6. Forgot about that quite significant fact. Thanks for the answer
  7. Hello! So, RealityXP released their GTN750 for 64bit version of X-Plane. As far as I could gather, it's rather very well made product. Now, as far as I know, some developers in "the other sim" allow 3rd party nav aids to be installed into the panels. A very neat thing indeed! So here is my question, I guess to @Goran_M. Are there any plans, or possibility to work on proper GTN750 integration within Citation? Now, I don't mean to sell the plane with GTN as stock, but to have an optional version for the RealityXP's owners that could incorporate the system into 3D cockpit and whatnot. Personally, I think that could be quite benefitial both for customers as well as LES.
  8. Can you guys get back in line with majority of devs around and stop constantly updating and improving your product? Joke, thanks for the tireless work to the entire team. Again.
  9. I have updated to the full 10.50 release that was released few days ago. I have other plugins so I will disable them and reenable one by one now, although I do not have the JAR GndHandling plugin you are speaking of. I will promptly report back with some more specific information. Cheers!
  10. Hello crew, Since 10.50 I started getting gizmo crashes using LES Saab 340. There is no specific repro to this, it can happen just as I load an aircraft, when I disengage the AP or change heading, but pretty much happens every flight. I guess the easiest repro would be to 1. Load and start the plane 2. Take off and engage the autopilot 3. Click manually on the AP disconnect button on the yoke Relevant screenshots and logs as below (please keep in mind that I reloaded the aircraft several times, after each gizmo error popped up): It makes me cry GizmoLog.txt
  11. I must admit I was a little skeptical about improved VAS and performance to the degree that change log listed. I have a preset of a low vis, cloudy weather to practice at a specific airport, and paint me surprised. I actually gained 10-12 fps. (Tested it extensively before someone tells me it's placebo ) Amazing work to everyone involved.
  12. Well, if someone had too much time on their hands, I would be really thankful for PenAir livery that can be seen here: Thanks!
  13. Garmin GPS is actually very sophisticated and advanced tool Also +1 for no FMS to keep it real, thanks @JGregory
  14. X-Plane is a 64bit software that can access all of your ram, given that your operating system is also 64bit and can access all the ram you have.
  15. Why are people so obssesed with the idea of a simmer flying a real life aircraft?
    Me and my cat recommend that livery for your children and the elderly.
  16. I want to fly with you too Jan, but only in A320!
  17. Ergo - a mystical force called gravity.
  18. Is that common across all weather engines? I thought sources like FSGRW or NOAA (to certain degree) handle wind generation on their own and override stock's X-Plane shenanigans.
  19. If I draw you a pretty picture in Paint, can we call it even and move on?
  20. Okay, so I was watching the rudder pedals and seems like there was no input on the rudder from you, until you were like 5 meters above the runway. With wind going beyond 30kts it's is kind of neccessary to use it to line up with the centerline. Secondly, your speed. You approached the runway in high 130' to low 140' kts. As far as I am aware, with strong winds (which ~30kts wind is) you need go faster than usual and just bleed the speed right above the runway while lining up. Treat it with a grain of salt, I'm a dreadful sim pilot, and only a glider pilot in real life, so maybe someone more experienced can clear it up for you. *lights up the batsignal to summon Jan*
  21. But... I don't think it was ever meant to be a PROFESSIONAL COURSE video. It's just two folks talking about a plane, just a "first look at an addon X" type of thing. So, I see where you are coming from, but it's like taking a bite off an apple and saying it's nasty for not being a grape.
  22. Morrigan

    best 737!

    I think the question was about the cockpit color "crispness". I don't think RTH can actually alter the color in that way. Probably custom color vibrance and what not.
  23. Haha, was it taken too lightly for your liking? Personally, I think it was great! No cold, mechanical voices telling me to flip that switch to get fuel pumps running. As I said previously it was not only informative but also a joy to listen to, becuase it sounded like two friends just bantering about some interesting topic with each other. I would love if they did a full course like they had with Q400, becuase it seems like a superb thing. So I would say that it's on the contrary, it was executed spot on.
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