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  1. I suppose it's my time to offer some apologies. This previous summer it was my expectation that this semester of school wouldn't be the most taxing of semesters, however, I was proved wrong rather quickly. It's tough get an aerospace engineering degree, three minors, and still have time to work on this project so I've fallen a bit behind. Believe me, it will be finished, not only for you, but for my own personal edification. It may not be in the time period I promised you, but it will be finished in a reasonable time. You are right about QPAC not being a company working in a garage for the most part, however, on my end, the 3D cockpit and graphics end, that is actually the case. My sincerest apologies to the X-Plane community. I apologize for my lack of inactivity here lately, however I've got more serious matters, like college finals, to tend to at the moment.
  2. I'm thoroughly clueless when it comes to sounds, so I personally won't be updating them. I don't know that we have any sort of plans to update them either so they'll probably stay the same.
  3. This is exactly what I'd like to see. If you visit any other modeling forum where people are offering critiques of the model shown, almost every time there's pictures provided with little circles and annotations and comparisons to real pictures in order to illustrate/demonstrate their point.
  4. Would you care to provide a picture for that?
  5. Do you mean the numbers for the altitude, heading, speed and that sort of thing? Did they look right before? Before as in in the 2D cockpit... As far as pilots go they'll only be there for the exterior views. I'll try to make them as realistic looking as possible because it just seems weird to me to see a plane flying with no pilots. There definitely won't be any for the interior views though because they just get in the way then.
  6. So I went ahead and worked on the engines. Any thoughts on these newly shaped engines before I get too far along to go back and change things easily?
  7. Single engine approach into Havana
  8. Aside from a few odds and ends, the modeling of the cockpit is complete as far as I'm aware. Here's a few screenshots from the sim!
  9. No ETA right now. There's not too much modeling left to do but there's a lot of work left. I've been on a bit of a seat kick lately, here's a quick screenshot from ac3d of the ones for the cabin!
  10. Try Dan Klaue's blender tutorial on animating levers and stuff.
  11. Wow!! Thanks for all the pictures! Been making some more doors lately!
  12. Hahaha, the Tupac I'm glad you're enjoying it! Not all of the 3D work here is going into the cockpit though! I think at one point the cargo doors opened up, as did the cabin doors. Then I made a new fuselage and that didn't happen anymore and people missed their opening doors. But now they're back, and better than ever! Here's the cargo doors, complete with cargo hold.
  13. It's been awhile for me but I did the same thing for a couple of models and never really finished them. There was some tool, I think, that converted the FSX object files into something useable and then you have to go through and re-animate everything and sort out the textures because the texture regions usually got pretty messed up in the conversion. Once you got all the animating and texturing worked out you find the same plane in X-Plane and use it's flight model but make it invisible underneath the objects. It's really only good for making things look good. Unless you get permission from all parties it's not really anything you can ever redistribute.
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