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  1. ╲╲╭━━━━━━━╮╱╱ ╲╭╯╭━╮┈╭━╮╰╮╱ ╲┃┈┃┈▊┈┃┈▊┈┃╱ ╲┃┈┗━┛┈┗━┛┈┃╱ ╱┃┈┏━━━━━┓┈┃╲ ╱┃┈┃┈┈╭━╮┃┈┃╲ ╱╰╮╰━━┻━┻╯╭╯╲ ╱╱╰━━━━━━━╯╲╲
  2. As I always do, if aircraft has a GS indicator, I calcluate TOD and descend manually. 2000 ft/min, and try my best to hold GS speed through whole the descent. It is easiest in headwind, because you know that GS is low, and you can still keep the same GS below FL100. Tailwind though, GS is quite high, and it will be harder to hold the lower you go. Also, you may come in too fast at FL100, which means you need to slow down, which at that end means you have made a premature TOD. Often I try to do it by feeling, sensing to drop down a little later, depending on winds dow below. Hence VNAV is so boring.
  3. About the first error, have you checked that you have 64 bit Python installed (or 32 bit if the plugin uses that architecture). Hence, for me, ELF errors is common if there is a mismatch between 32 bit and 64 bit architectures.
  4. So, testing again selecting ARRIVAL for ZSSS, on the ground, no crash with v.1.1.1. Either the problem for my case is solved in v1.1.1 or my crash was a random one.
  5. I had a recent crash. While in flight, I was pressing the PROC button on the MFD, and then scrolling down to ARRIVALS. When pressing ENT-key, the simulation froze up, and after a couple of seconds X-Plane crashed. I am not sure if any plugins interfered with this, but I think unlikely, because the crash happened with an action of my....but never say never.... Airport affected was ZSSS from global airports, X-Plane v11.26, maybe in my case there is some problems with navigraph data. Current AIRAC was 1812 rev 1. Used version v1.1 in the crash, now I have installed v1.1.1. I will try to replicate it to see if there is another crash later in the evening. Need to make some pancakes first. :) Log_TBM900_crash_ENT_ARRIVALS_ZSSS.txt
  6. 10. No mouse-drag for the altitude preselector.
  7. Yes it is not fun when everything crashes. Therefore I've made three dangerous python scripts for X-Plane, which deactivates problem-inducing plugins. I.e. CEF plugin for FFA320, Gizmo and xEnviro. So it is always possible to fly the aircraft you want, if you know what is causing the crashes and can solve it by this method. Saab 340 is a great airplane, but I really miss xEnviro, I do not like the XP:s default weather, even with FSE and Reshade installed, the same goes for SMP. I'am currently not sharing the scripts, because I'm afraid it can ruin some others computer (hence they are renaming the plugin .xpl files to .xpl_). Also they are quite ugly where I am running the python scripts from BAT files, which I've shortcutted to.
  8. Oh, that is sad. Have been looking forward for the update. Oh well then, Gizmo and the Saab will be put on shelf until problem is solved be either of the companies (Gizmo, LES or xEnviro) who is responsible for this.
  9. You are running xEnviro, it seems there is some incompatibilities between Gizmo and xEnviro.
  10. So deactivated all plugins except X-Camera, xEnviro and Gizmo (of course). And it did crash again. I disabled now xEnviro, currently no crashes have happened. Time will say what is really wrong. I will fly the Saab a while without xEnviro, and then I will activate xEnviro again and see what happens. Thanks for your support, great plane otherwise, I really like. Edit: I already sent a bug-report to xEnviro team, so I hope you can put your heads together if this is the culprit.
  11. Hahah, here you go! The time of crash was 12:26. I will try to remove some more plugins. debug.log GizmoLog.txt Log.txt METAR.rwx OPENGL32.log stack_trace.txt xEnviroLog.txt
  12. So, I installed Gizmo and the Saab 340. I now get frequent crashes in X-Plane 11 when flying the Saab, I do not see any major hints in the logs, but I have a suspicion what the culprit is. I think there may be incompatibility between Gizmo and xEnviro, either Gizmo or xEnviro makes X-Plane crash. Looking at the log of xEnviro, I do see at the time of crash it is polling for weather data. Reason I am posting here in the forum is that this Saab version is new, and it may not be a incompatibility between xEnviro and Gizmo, it can instead be a bug in the Saab, or it can be incompatibility between Saab and xEnviro.
  13. v.1.5. Well, it seems for me the prop assignment does not work for both condition levers. Hence, it works to assign the condition levers to the separated prop axes number 1 and 2, but it is not possible to assign both condition levers to the main prop axis: Prop Main axis (controlling both condition levers) - does not work. Prop 1 axis (controlling condition lever 1) - works Prop 2 axis (controlling condition lever 2) - works So for those who has lesser than 3 axis on there joysticks (I think most people have 2 axis on their throttle joysticks), there may be a problem, as they need to assign the throttle axis to the keyboard (if they have the same problem as me). Lucky for me, I am able to assign both throttle levers to my smaller third axis on my Warthog throttle. But maybe that is better than having both condition levers bound on one axis, I am not sure yet because I am an unexperienced twin-prop pilot.
  14. Waking up in the morning, seeing the email that an update is released for the Saab 340, looking outside the window, it is nice weather, thinking about what to do, have some hard decisions to choose, seeing that XP11 is not supported, choice went from hard to simple. Anyway, Great Job Goran_M!
  15. It seems to be a good replacement of the Jetstream 32! Really looking forward for V2. Better released yesterday than tomorrow.
  16. Okay thanks you for reply, I will wait. I uninstalled XP10 a long time ago.
  17. So, how is it going for those trying this aircraft in XP11? I am thinking of installing it, but I want to get a smooth experience. Or should I wait until the XP11 version is released? If so, any timeframe for that? (sorry for that question, I know there is no answer, but I cannot hold myself )
  18. Really cool, that is what I really missing!
  19. Haha, @Ben Russell you missed the big party the owns the 737 but not currently SMP, this is just the calm before the storm.
  20. Release...now...can't wait...can't breath....die soon...need IXEG...need Saab...for XP11....hurry.....aaaaaghhhhhh!
  21. JRollon:s Bae Jetstream is a little special when it comes to control assignment. In your case this is fully normal, it is quite bonky to get the settings correctly the first time, hence this aircraft will disable and remove axis assignments when having the the control locks not removed. So, the best way to get everything setup, trying to take from memory (I'm currently using XAssign and it is extremely recommendable): 1. Load up a default aircraft, whichever you want, and assign the axes for throttle, yokes, pedals and toebrakes. Save the configuration to the global XAssign slot. 2. Load up the BAE jetstream 32. 3. Unlock the control locks (left bottom side of copilots seat). 4. Activate the joystick assign button (on the joke menu). 5. Load up the previously saved configuration in XAssign, save it as local in the XAssign menu. 6. Deactivate the joystick assign button (on the joke menu) Hopefully you will have axes assigned now. And remember it is important before closing the aircraft to have the control locks unlocked, I think otherwise the axes will reset after next load. Another important note is that I think while the controls are locked, this aircraft will remove and disable all the axes, and when the control locks are unlocked, the aircraft will remember the assigned axes and implement to the aircraft (hence the aircraft logic will both remove and insert axes assignments while affect the control lock). Test and try, sooner you will hopefully get everything right, and I hope this procedure is the correct one setting everything up. Test and trial.
  22. Nice post! And I want to add I was hearing someone declaring PAN-PAN-PAN in Swedish airspace as while crossing it, I guess that was you, I did compare date and time. I was thinking at that time: "Heck I am glad I did not decide to arrive to ESSA", it was quite busy I did hear. My travel was instead to EFHK from ENGM. Glad it worked out for ya
  23. I agree with @[Knight], RWC as a standalone weather engine would be great! As for now, weather smoothness and randomness is what I think many people is searching for. Sudden reload of winds and clouds is immersive-breaking, and therefore I have turned to use XEnviro despite some flaws of it (as it seems with RWC there was still weather popups, I confess I still am not sure what RWC does, as I thought it would remove the popups and getting a smooth experience). I think SMP would benefit great with a similar system like this, weather smoothness. I'm not sure if this is doable with the NOAA- or FSGRW- plugins or default XP11 metar weather. The last I want is clouds that pops up or disappears suddenly (close or far away), I think this is very important for cloud/weather engines to master (hence as a pilot it is very important to see what you will expect while climbing or descending, or flying towards at).
  24. So, anyone flying this version on XP11, even though not supported? How much do the flight performance differ? Any gamebreaking bugs? I do really miss a great prop-aircraft for XP11, and currently very much enjoying the JS32, but it is not fully simulated.
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