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  1. I had a CTD today soon after starting engines. I also run xEnviro, although checking logs could not see anything mentioning any error. I also run a LOT of other plugins, of course, so I guess it could be anything. I know this is not much help in finding the problem, but until loading the SAAB, have not had a CTD for many months. XP 1.11 in Windows.
  2. Confirm. To be honest, most of my tests were with the plane stationary - but then also moving. Only way I can steer is via brakes, and that is very ineffective. That is why I was taxxing across the grass as could not stay on the taxiway. Also tried differential engine thrust - also not very effective.
  3. no - what I meant was the rudder did not help with the steering.
  4. Nope - engines running, everything looking good. Hydraulic pressure looks ok. Trying to taxi out for takeoff. Taxxied over grass (no choice as could not steer) and the like to see if the rudders would work - nope. Gave up and shutdown for maintenance.
  5. Does not seem to work with my hardware (X-55 throttle quadrant). The nosewheel steering bar works ok in the XP joystick configuration screen, so the hardware is ok. And it works with other aircraft. If you look at the SAAB from outside when you are trying to move the nosewheel, it seems to twitch, then stays poiting straight ahead. Perhaps like there are 2 controls trying to control the nosewheel? I have been loading this aircraft first on loading XP. It should not be a conflict with a previously loaded aircraft.
  6. Yes - as I said "The tiller control in the cockpit pushes in and out as I operate the tiller hydraulic button, so that works ok. When I hover over the tiller control in the cockpit (with the mouse), the rotation arrows come up, but I cannot rotate the control"
  7. Just downloaded the much anticipated 1.5 - and find I cannot taxi. I discovered the new tiller hydraulic dataref and added that to a button on my X55 throttle. I have an axis setup to control the nosewheel tiller - which i seem to recall working just fine in XP 10. I cannot get it to work in XP11. I have found that rudder control is not much use for steering either, so totally unable to taxi. The tiller control in the cockpit pushes in and out as I operate the tiller hydraulic button, so that works ok. When I hover over the tiller control in the cockpit (with the mouse), the rotation arro
  8. Thanks, people. I really should have read the manual! I was thinking it was more of a XP11 thing. But the autopilot not working too well, so it is going back in the hangar until 1.5 comes out.
  9. I understand that V1.4.1 is not XP 11 compatible yet. But I see a number of people flying around in it in XP 11, so I guess it is possible. One of the first problems I have come across is that I cannot get the Condition levers to be assigned to any hardware. There used to be a panel on the Gizmo menu that required that you assign the Condition levers every time you opened the aircraft. This panel has gone and I can see no way to assign the levers to my CH Eclipse yoke levers. If I go into the XP setup panel, I don't see anywhere that I can assign my hardware. I am perfectly willing to wai
  10. This is exactly the point I think slash128gnr was addressing. You should be able to move the Course needle on the HSI when in OBS mode. That seems to be the whole point of the exercise. It does work like this in XP 11 with other aircraft, but I have no idea about the SAAB. So I don't think it is a XP 11 bug.
  11. I have both and for a while I was switching between the two. One problem with XP 11 is that a number of aircraft have not been upgraded to work with it. So if you have an aircraft that you fly a lot, then you may want to check that it works in XP 11. XP 11 has problems with operations on the ground, like taxiing and a few other issues. Some aircraft, like the IXEG or the SAAB 340 load up ok in XP11, but have problems on the ground that may effect you. I find I can no longer fly either of these aircraft in XP11, so I don't. Updates for XP11 are a long time coming, so don't count on anything bei
  12. I have seen a few videos of this plane on Twitch and Youtube. I am wondering how they did it as I simply cannot even takeoff. It is frustrating.
  13. thanks for the reminders on the config alarm. I use 5 degrees flap, trim is in the green. Spoliers might be the issue. I think they might be armed, but will check. I might do up a small video clip to show the problem.
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