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  1. I must admit I think I also preferred it the way it was originally. Yes it was challenging, especially with a stiff crosswind but when you nailed it and got the take off right it felt very rewarding. I think an easy/realistic flight model option would be a very good idea!. I hope the devs will look into this once they have the Challenger released.
  2. Excellent thanks for the heads up. I just assumed that engine temps would decline as time was elapsed since the engine was shut down and closing the sim. So in theory the only way to return to a cold engine would be to shut the aircraft off and leave the sim running until the temps have cooled right off? Appreciate you checking the code, just a small thing but it would be nice to have Joe
  3. Hello, I've had many hours of enjoyment out of this aircraft since purchasing the SR22. Great product. I have two questions.. If I fly the aircraft, then park it up, close the sim then come back the next day. When I power it up its still showing 200+ c temps on the cylinders. What could be causing this? Especially when OAT is <10c. I thought the engine should be stone cold after 24 hours The other thing is, the caps and chocks seem to be persistent when I shut down the aircraft and put them on, but the aircraft cover and tie downs does not stay on when I load the aircraft once I've rebooted the sim? Any tips or advice would be appreciated Joe
  4. Same for me, I've had 3 or 4 CTD's now. All seem to happen when I'm descending and getting near final approach. I've attached my log. I get the same error as above ^. Joe TBM900_Log.txt
  5. I seem to be experiencing the same thing. I'm also running 4k @ 30hz with vsync enabled. But if I select windowed mode in the sim it definitely reduces the long frame times.
  6. Thanks for all these tips the are very helpful!
  7. I'm getting a similar thing, the sound kind of pops like it drops out for a mili second then comes back. Never had this before on the old version. Sounds like the sim pauses for a split second but its not pausing.
  8. I find decreasing the sensitivity makes it even worse for me. All hardware differs I guess
  9. ok under further testing, it seems to me like what is causing my major slow downs is Vsync. I usually use vsync + 30hz set on my 4k monitor for a smooth stutter free experience. this works well with most aircraft. But for some reason the TBM does not like it. Taking vsync off makes it more usable, im not getting constant slowdowns its just not as smooth as running my usual 30hz + vsync. I will have to live with this for now.
  10. Thanks for the reply, I've already done that and in xplane when I press test on the SD card it says its working This is why im confused. I run with vsync and my 4k monitor at 30hz for smoothness. So Its pinned at 30fps for all my planes, however the tbm is constantly fluctuating below that and is not stable at all. I'm using Xplane 11.30. If I take vsync off it can go upto 45fps but its literally all over the place jumping up and down. All my other aircraft remain fairly consistent.
  11. Hey All, I thought I'd make my own thread on this one as to not hijack anyone elses. But I'm having serious stuttering issues with the latest version of the TBM. All other aircraft are fine, however the TBM fps just fluctuates up and down so badly. I'm trying to find the root of the problem. Only strange thing I see in the log file is this Is this causing me problems?. And why is access denied. I'm running xplane as admin.
  12. Yeah it would be good if anyone else experiencing this could pipe up in this thread. The interesting thing is that you are able to make it less noticeable by disabling threaded optimization. I've done some more testing today and even tried the 3JFPS plugin which does not help. The fps seems to hold around 30 but I see a lot of fluctuating. The TBM has always been fairly heavy on my system but it is only since the latest version that I'm experiencing this warping. To get the best out of the sim I've now set HT ON, threaded optimization ON and use process lasso to take the sim off of LP1 on my cpu. With all aircraft this seems to work nicely and is the smoothest I've seen so far, however the TBM remains the same and it really makes it un-enjoyable for me.
  13. Just to echo my post from the .org so the guys over here can see it. Hi Sean, I recently started watching your twitch streams/youtube videos all beit I have to watch the VOD's as I'm in the UK Having said that I don't use VR yet (although I have spoken to you about it on twitch) but I am able to relate to what you are seeing with the TBM. I am actually seeing the exact same symptoms as you with the TBM even on my monitor. Every other aircraft is fine. When I'm sitting on the ramp with the engine and power off in the tbm my frame rates are normal. However whenever I start up and start my take off roll I'm seeing the exact same thing. Its almost as if the sim is slowing down then speeding up in a pulsing manor as you stated. I don't recall seeing this effect in previous versions of the TBM. Please note that I've tried threaded optimization on and off and HT on and off and I still get this exact effect. I can only assume that the TBM draws a lot of cpu power, removing the resources from xplane and causing these constant slow downs. If you manage to find a fix for this it would be great. I'm also hovering over the buy it now button on an oculus . Love the streams, keep up the good work.
  14. Its a great aircraft! first class. But I must confess taking off/landing this aircraft in anything other than calm winds is a nightmare to keep in a straight line.
  15. Its not working in 11.26 apparently. Only 11.30. which version are you using?.
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