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  1. Using ground speed accelerator Alt+T it will unbalance the fuel tanks even when auto is selected, simple fix is to use manual and switch back and forth between tanks. Also doesn’t seem to like decents.. for instance if I am going from FL200 to lets say 5000’ @1000fpm when my clock uses up 15 mins (in accelerated GS) instead of being at 5000 it will be much higher. So for decents I just use normal time. I’ve never tried CTL+T, Maybe that will give me better results.
  2. Dang!!! I totally forgot about doing that, At least I know to try that next time... thanks
  3. This morning in the TBM I was making a flight from KEYW to KTPA and everything was going good until gear down... Right gear stuck and would not come down. Tried about 5 times to lower and retract in hopes of jarring it loose but that didn’t work. Well after a go around I decided the best thing would be probably to just go gear up and belly land in the grass next to the runway. Landed smooth but as soon as the prop hit I had an engine fire and of course after that there was nothing to do but write off the airframe. One question.. should I have properly shut the engine down right before t
  4. I may try that, right now my way around it is to just not click on the MFD and just zoom in with the mouse wheel
  5. Yeah don’t know what’s going on, I don’t have the librain plugin.
  6. Nothing has been altered in any way.
  7. Not sure of any other way to explain this but I am getting double cockpit views when I click on the MFD to make it bigger and then close it. It stays and no matter what view I go to when I come back to cockpit view it stays as double view. Only way to fix is to exit and come back. Using V1.1.6. Attached is picture and logs. Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
  8. Sound is cutting in and out every 5 seconds or so... quick blips, anyone else having this issue? Frame rates running around 30fps. Update: Seems it was on my end with headphones..reboot and speakers work fine.
  9. I too just downloaded the update that doesn’t update.
  10. I did.... Just found something out, I have been using the GTN 750 on a separate monitor and it worked fine up until now. I just tried turning it off and my Nav button works again. It must be a bug with the 750 add on.
  11. Been away from XP11 for a few weeks, got on and updated to 11.30r2 and jumped in the TBM900 and put everything into my flight plan, took off, set AP and hit the Nav button and the light will turn on for a split second then go off and will not engage. The AP trims switch overhead is on and the Alt and Hdg work in AP just not Nav. Is this a new bug or am I missing something? 
  12. I downloaded a checklist for the TBM and one check was the oxygen switch. For the life of me I can’t find it. Also looked all through the manual and found nothing. Help please.
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