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  1. Hi team, Loving skymaxx (clouds through eyes in VR not included) but I get this line on the horizon when there is no blending and its rather hard with Skymaxx v4 (latest version) any ideas?
  2. FYI both myself and my friend using latest Skymaxx in VR have the exact same problem. It was foggy in YBBN this morning and I had fog and clouds coming through my cockpit (felt like into my eyes). I might need to drop this for now, wait like @Gildahl. However happy to do what I can to help identify the issue and support to make the changes needed.
  3. Hi Jan, Looks like I'm having better success by updating Gizmo to the beta, so far so good with no changes to any other plugins.
  4. Thanks @Litjan, Does a list exist of problem plugins?
  5. Downloaded the Nav data again and this fixed the issues with the FMC and loading in a route - not sure the crashing though.
  6. Hi Team, All good - I've had it crash twice on stream tonight so unfortunately have given up. Upon the second time, i had some interesting issues putting in the route which is also on the video I've skipped to the time it did crash (50:30) Log.txt GizmoLog.txt
  7. I keep getting this error in my xplane log after a crash G64:1620.751: Memory Allocation Error: Run(timer): xs_sound_engine: not enough memory
  8. Hi @sundog, A number of VR users including myself also have the same problem with clouds coming through the cockpit as you fly through clouds. I've been able to handle it but 2 of my friends have dropped the software while they wait for a fix, fingers crossed this can be sorted. Cheers, DJ
  9. No more instant engine starts? Cant wait for this!
  10. Great to hear I'm not the only one @joers182 its a bit of an interesting one as I'm in love with the TBM but cannot run it the same as the other aircraft. It would be good if we could get further comment maybe from the Devs shedding some light on this? Thanks for the kind words also mate! Glad you're enjoying the streams!
  11. No change reverting from 416.16 to 391.35 or with turning on Hyperthreading on the CPU
  12. I use Process Lasso however same result, I will revert everything back to default including the drivers and see what happens. No AA outside of the sim and no to Xenviro. One of the thought mentioned to me is that possible (unlike other addons) the TBM is heavily threaded resulting in a stutter as I have Hyperthreading off. Maybe I should keep everything how it is and go downclock my CPU, put HT back on and retest?
  13. Very minimal change to the situation (If any) by setting AA to off inside X-Plane
  14. Hi @VAL067 Thanks for getting back to me, It's currently set to 2x SSAA+FXAA - which I thought was pretty easy going? I will retest now turning it off. Hmm using something like Nvidia Inspector and locking the frame rate to 25fps just made it all stuttery in my headset so I don't know?
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