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  1. Because of the strains for 4k VR my settings are: Visual Effects: Medium Texture Quality: High Antiailising: 2x Anisotropic Flitering: x2 World objects: Medium RTX 2080Ti Driver: (21-6-20)
  2. Its not clouds in cockpit - it is clouds that go strange in the near distance, which makes your eyes feel like you are going "cross eyed" its to do with the rendering and I presume reprojection in VR. It is really strange that you never see it, I can't think of any reason why it would be not be showing up in some headsets other than others - I have a feeling perhaps you are not looking for the same thing? Or looking for something different? Clouds in cockpit is something slightly different and might be misleading, they feel like they are in cockpit (perhaps), but they are not, the clouds switc
  3. I don't suppose you've managed to get any further with this issue? Using real weather and now the winter is fast approaching, all those lovely clouds are much more in the cockpit than in the summer! I see other things were fixed but this strange situation of the clouds being re-projected incorrectly in VR is ever present. I see from other posts work was done directly with Ben at Xplane to correct issues when there was cloud issues inside the cockpit in normal mode (non VR), is it possible to investigate with them re this issue as well? It is hanging around for so long, I know it is just us VR
  4. I understand, no problem, this is not important compared to some things going on in the world currently. I just wanted to let you know that I don't think visibility is a factor. Any cu cloud approaching from below, as you get close I'm sure you will see it, it "switches" suddenly. I can be looking dead ahead, not moving my head and it will happen. It is very easy to recreate (here at least). I can do a video if that would help - but will let you see if you can see it at a later date.
  5. I did re-test with unlimited visibility - it made no difference to the main problem. I also selected the recommended cloud sets suggested, same issue. Such a shame you can't recreate it - that makes it very tricky to sort out.
  6. I've tried solid procedural in the past and had the issue - but I will certainly re-test with this new version of XP and SMP.
  7. Same. I discovered I can't roll back versions either due to the way x-aviation system works, I even tried SMP V3 (which would load and install) but when I switched to VR there were no clouds at all - so obviously that is not a useful test. I've heard X-Enviro does not have this issue, (but who knows for sure) and they say no possible refund if it does. It feels a bit like changing deck chairs on the Titanic, you will still sink in the end! Probably another set of issues with xEnviro (which is not as proactively developed). Hopefully eventually they can recreate this in VR and resolve it - it
  8. The problem is I don't know if it is Xplane version updates that caused this, or if it is updates in SMP - I suppose I could roll back to SMP 3 (although I've never actually tried going backwards with SMP. No even sure if technically that is possible). Not entirely sure about this.
  9. What VR headset do you use? I’m wondering if it is / could be a setting elsewhere as the developer can’t see the issue. I have a Pimax 5k headset, be interesting to know other types users see the problem to rule out VR settings - having said that, on an earlier version of xplane and skymax i did not have the issue. But it was a while ago now.
  10. Sadly with latest version the issue is still there. At a initial test I'd say it is better than before, less disturbing, but that might have been down to the cloud types - not sure. To truly see this, you have to do a flight where you have a layer of CU clouds, climbing up towards them, at a certain point, just before you get really near them, (infront) they will suddenly change and almost look like they are being reprojected double or something, you can look to your side, clouds are still normal, but as you get closer still, the clouds to the side start to do the same thing. I did not notice
  11. it might be down to specific VR software / I've just tried numerous settings and it seems to only be happening with the most recently. It was certainly not an issue a few months back, perhaps changes in the way xplane is working (even before vulkan) it may have started happening around 1.40ish I think but obviously only in VR. Will wait for next version, although it sounds like if you cant reproduce it this is going to be tricky. Fingers crossed!
  12. Did you manage to get any further with this? I noticed recently it is like a kind of "trigger" when it happens, as you approach the clouds at a certain distance, it is like when they change from one type of cloud to another ? if they do that?. I was thinking perhaps there is some kind of technique you use. Perhaps from a lower resolution image to a higher as you get closer? From a certain distance they all look fine, then as you get close suddenly they change into a strange form almost projected inside the cockpit or over the windows - and sometimes they do come in, its a really wired thing in
  13. maybe when you have time try a lower visibility- (5NM) From the image you showed I think it would have been fine on my system because it looked like almost cavok with some high cumulus. I think I mainly see the effect of the line sweep of white cloud coming into cockpit with lower visibility.
  14. These are the settings I use.
  15. this is easy to test on ground. you don't even have to wear headset but just look at the desktop VR view, gently rotate headset from left to right (or vice versa) the cloud will pass through cockpit. You must do it very slowly as it is a very fast thing when moving headset. Obviously in the air flying every move in lower vis will generate the problem, its actually the same effect if you get near a cloud. Its like the clouds are becoming see through sheets of visability and you pass through them as you move the headset from left to right.
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