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  1. Does it mean I lose all my other purchases with x-aviation if I dispute this one payment? I'm honestly bewildered - it feels like blackmail, I can't complain otherwise I lose everything? Is that all legal? You can legally do that or do I misunderstand? I've not actually done anything wrong, I've *never* complained before, the software update is just not working in *VR* I'm not the only one reporting this.
  2. Sorry but you are not being honest, twisting things and actually not ever addressing the main point - the software does not work, you advertise and market VR but I only testing on one headset or two, yet you are prepared to charge for something untested, you admitted you did not know if it worked.... And plenty of people will see just what is going on here, it is basically robbery. I was patient until the point that I realised what is going on - as developer you could have offered and written to your agent and got this refunded in an amicable way, yet you are the one that somehow thinks this i
  3. As you pointed me to the refund policy, have you even read it? The refund policy: "Please be aware that due to the nature of downloads being intangible goods, we do not offer refunds for any reason. You waive the right to a refund as soon as you process and download your order." I don't know who made that up or write it, but that would not stand up, it would be seen/deemed as an unfair contract of sale.
  4. But you've been saying that since actually May 2020 - "we can't reproduce it" yet it is there. I've offered to help but you don't want it, you need users to trouble shoot it who can reproduce it, last I heard was you were discussing with Xplane developers - I'm not sure what happened as I never heard any follow up. I understand VR users are not high up on the agenda... but the issue is not just for me. And it certainly sounds like there won't ever be a fix for this. Is it possible I can have the upgrade $19.99 refunded? I mean I can't use it, I flew with it once just now as an expensive test,
  5. But you answered when I checked with you on the other thread - on the announcement thread. Surely you must know the issue - it is a long running thread, you've responed many times to it, not just to me but to others with the same issue. If there was a doubt, you could have outlined this - i,e, said don't pay for upgrade as issue was actually never fixed, but you said it was (not in this thread) but the other one. I'm finding it quite hard to accept, I bought something that whilst I understand was not fully VR supported, but was to some degree (v3 and then v4) then we had various issues trying
  6. I'm afraid to report that actually the original problem is not resolved. If you use normal textures (Cumulus FAST), then you still will get double projection (although less bad) but it is certainly there. If you use the BETA Volumetric then you get no double projection issues, *but* the frame rate drops to 5 to 7fps in VR, as apposed to 90fps without VR. And as apposed to 60fps if using Cumulus FAST. So, the new beta will resolve projection issue, but frames drop dramatically even with draw area as low as possible, shadows off, Crepusular Rays Off, Cloud Terrain blending 0. There is some
  7. Thank you very much for the post, to be honest if I can turn down settings I'd be happy with that, I just could not use the software since June last year in any kind of bad weather as the effect was so disturbing. If that horrible cloud effect is gone it might be worth upgrading. I fully understand most users still fly without VR, but strangely, since I started VR I can't imagine flying without it - to me its as close to real world flying as you can get (especially with XPlane) not tried MSFS 2020 in VR (yet!).
  8. I'm really interested to know if the original problem of VR clouds has been fixed that I raised in June Last year v4 (clouds making you feel cross eyed as you get near them and clouds / coming into cockpit) - I can't really get any clear information that it has been looked at. It a shame as I have x3 different VR headsets and could have helped to trouble shoot inc PIMAX 4K. I'm told VR is a fraction of the user base, so probably not very important - but I'd like to know as I'm really not able to use v4 due to this. If anyone has information on the new version 5 working with clouds in VR I'd be
  9. Hi Does anyone who previously had VR problems (clouds making you go crossed eyed etc) have any news with the latest new release? The information seems "vague" as to whether this is actually fixed or has been looked at or tested. So, it would seem the only source of information might come from a user that once had the issue but now does not? Many thanks.
  10. But we know this is depending on certain VR devices, as I first bugged this in August last year, and others also had same problems so it was well known, yet developers could not reproduce on their device, why not let someone with the actual problem beta test it? Would that not make sense? We’ve been waiting for ages / last status was it was being looked into with X-Plane developers and then nothing. So now, we have to buy it, no chance of a refund, and then find it might or might not work? It’s a really odd approach unless the developers can say it has actually been found re original issue?
  11. Will it fix the long standing issue of double vision clouds in VR? I’d be pretty disappointed to pay for an upgrade if to then find it still is not working- especially with emphasis on the VR side on the update?
  12. Because of the strains for 4k VR my settings are: Visual Effects: Medium Texture Quality: High Antiailising: 2x Anisotropic Flitering: x2 World objects: Medium RTX 2080Ti Driver: (21-6-20)
  13. Its not clouds in cockpit - it is clouds that go strange in the near distance, which makes your eyes feel like you are going "cross eyed" its to do with the rendering and I presume reprojection in VR. It is really strange that you never see it, I can't think of any reason why it would be not be showing up in some headsets other than others - I have a feeling perhaps you are not looking for the same thing? Or looking for something different? Clouds in cockpit is something slightly different and might be misleading, they feel like they are in cockpit (perhaps), but they are not, the clouds switc
  14. I don't suppose you've managed to get any further with this issue? Using real weather and now the winter is fast approaching, all those lovely clouds are much more in the cockpit than in the summer! I see other things were fixed but this strange situation of the clouds being re-projected incorrectly in VR is ever present. I see from other posts work was done directly with Ben at Xplane to correct issues when there was cloud issues inside the cockpit in normal mode (non VR), is it possible to investigate with them re this issue as well? It is hanging around for so long, I know it is just us VR
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