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  1. Ok thanks for the clarification. Will these be integrated for vulkan(as with the TBM) or only OpenGL compatible?
  2. Can anyone please confirm whether the plane has windscreen rain effects that work in VR in Vulkan? Thanks Jay
  3. Just took this beauty for a ride in VR in rainy weather. Can i just say thanks for creating a beautiful product. This complements my TBM 900 perfectly. X-plane just got a lot more enjoyable!
  4. Are these working/modelled?
  5. jkeye

    Thank you!!!

    Finally the VR rain effect are working! This is a very unique aircraft-flew in thunderstorm in VR-regretted it! Very scary experience and very realistic! I'm looking forward to spending more time in this beauty. Thanks to the developers for their continued support! PS-are there any wipers on this thing?
  6. jkeye


    Thanks I've done this and had a good flight. Neede to load a default aircraft first as I was getting crashes loading the TBM first from the menu
  7. jkeye


    Had a copule crashes :-C Log.txt
  8. jkeye

    Update issue

    Hi GOran Thanks for the update and great support-can't wait to try the rain in VR I can confirm I'm having this issue too-it's not a deal breaker-I'll fly with the AoA indictor down. Jay
  9. Thanks for the update! Are the rain effects visible in VR with this release?
  10. Is there any way to reduce the thrust reverse power of to assign it to another joystick axis or control that allows this
  11. Started again-multiple failures evident in the XPlane failure menu -I replaced the engine combustor on the maintenance manager Log.txt log_181228_143641_LFRK.csv TBM900_Log.txt
  12. I'm a bit perplexed that I'm finding failures in the XPlane menu for various items though they don't show up on the maintenance manager even after creating a brand new airframe. Any input would be great. By the way I love the plane and don't fly much else
  13. Thanks to the developers for this amazing plane! Now that XP11.30 is out of beta would it be possible to implement these very desirable features-ice and rain effects in VR-for me this would add so much more to an already great product
  14. First off -what a great aircraft! I'm flying this almost exclusively now. I'm having trouble tuning the localiser and capturing the glideslope-i think it is because I'm unfamiliar with the layout of the cockpit which is so much different from Boeing-i think the vor loc and appr buttons are combined in the TBM? Can someone please post their flow here?
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