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  1. Just read a few post back and we explained how to temporarily use it without GPS navigation... Greetings from KSEE (but I grew up at MMTJ).
  2. I had a similar issue, when the TMB trim is off, it will not work anymore with my joystick.. So i went to the keyboard configuration and I noticed that you have "mechanical trim" and "Electronic trim" like in real life, I don;t remember seeing the mechanical trim before and, electronic trim doesn't work when you have the trim switch off, no power or you have electrical failure (also like in real life). So I switched my joystick to the mechanical trim -is like physically moving the wheel- and now it always works.
  3. @oldflyguy Weird my AOA works! That should be something else.
  4. @oldflyguy I know is not a complete fix, as soon as I mess with the "direct" button or navigation it will break, but everything else works. In the meantime I'm fine, I'm using my Foreflight to track flights and autopilot in HDG mode with pure ground-based approaches (ILS, LOC, and VORs). Basically treating the airplane like GPS is INOP, until the fix is released. =)
  5. Hello everyone, I found a temporary solution that worked for me, which I posted in another thread:
  6. @briannippert Thank you, but unfortunately it didn't work for me, I tried G1000 @ 172, deleted/created/changed the flight plan and even loaded app procedures but it didn't work, it will keep crashing. So, this lead me to more digging: After the hint related to flight plans being loaded or not will cause the TMB 900 to crash, I went to look for those files related to saving the flight plans, so I Google around and I found that those files should be stored somewhere in here: \X-Plane 11\Output\ . So I tried all short of things and finally, I decided to delete everything (including my joy
  7. Weird, I googled and I Googled and I didn't find that thread, thanks!
  8. Has anyone else experienced issues after updating to 11.31r1? It was working great, but after the update every time I turn on the avionics (Source to BATT), x-plane will crash 1 min after the MFD and other systems started to boot (I noticed the female voice saying something, then the voice will break, like freezing up and boom, X-plane will just crash and quit, no errors). Attaching the log.txt. I've tried reinstalling TBM, no luck. Other aircraft's are working fine. Log.txt
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