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  1. The color codings etc should be per-spec but obviously subject to simulator limitations. For instance, X-plane does not give us any information on the vertical distribution of water in clouds, so here we have developed a simple model of our own to avoid showing bright red (= wet) clouds at 25k.
  2. FYI we have a fix for this coming in 1.1 @blackkat002 @djm149
  3. Obviously, the entire knob is rotating the same direction. What you are seeing is a case of stroboscopic effect It will take some experimenting with the knob detent spacing to reduce the effect.
  4. Hi Iain, please provide more info to allow us to reproduce the issue. A screen shot of the gizmo error message and a copy of your log files would be helpful. Thanks!
  5. Many thanks. The pitch control regulator needs some fine tuning when tracking Mach number. Some pitch up is to be expected when making the cut over from IAS to Mach since you are effectively starting to climb at lower airspeed, but the regulator was overshooting, particularly in gusty conditions. Will tune and include in future update. @daemotron
  6. Hi, is the IAS to Mach conversion working as intended for you, i.e. does the magenta speed bug stay at your current speed with the click the C/O button? As always, a short video is very useful for us to analyze the problem.
  7. Hi Mr. Nils

    Request sent November 11th but still no answer...

    Can you help me ?

    See attached



    1. Nils


      Hi, sorry. Afraid there´s nothing I can do to actively resolve this but we (IXEG) are leaning heavily on X-Aviation to make sure you get help as soon as possible and that a more customer friendly license management system is implemented.


  8. Eyebrow windows as seen from the inside. Some effort was spent at making the shades cast a greenish glow when hit by sunlight.
  9. Hi. What is likely going in is that by removing the reflection texture file, you are causing Gizmo to partially soft-crash, thus preventing an unknown amount of code to be executed and likely also reducing memory use, which in turn gives the Lua garbage collector less work.
  10. Hi, try xp.commandOnceByName("command/path/commandname") E.g. to actuate the pitch trim, you would do xp.commandOnceByName("sim/flight_controls/pitch_trim_up")
  11. Ah what do you know. Note to self: don't answer questions from memory.
  12. Hi Tom, from memory we don't publish any datarefs for those but handle them entirely within our code for the time being.
  13. Please re-read my post above, "_act" means the dataref is used for input. The one's you wish to use for the gear down annunciators are: ixeg/733/gear/gear_left_green_ann ixeg/733/gear/gear_left_red_ann ixeg/733/gear/gear_nose_green_ann ixeg/733/gear/gear_nose_red_ann ixeg/733/gear/gear_right_green_ann ixeg/733/gear/gear_right_red_ann
  14. A mixture if forgotten suffixes, user preferences, integration with other plugins etc.
  15. The dataref names are generally suffixed "_act" for input actuators, "_ann" for annunciator lights and "_ind" for indications like mechanical needles.
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