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  1. Suffice to say it will and i'll be happy ...
  2. So ... If this feature is programmed as an option, is this what would be called cheat ? ... I can live with that. JC
  3. Gentlemens, I wish that the speed bugs would automatically adjust themselves according to the FMC one's (as an option). I work alone in this cockpit and this little option would help a bit. JC
  4. "You'll need to turn up your rendering settings for reflections in X-Plane 11." If i ever turn up reflection one notch then FPS drop significantly, so, no cockpit reflection for me. JC
  5. Hi Litjan

    Just in case, i would like to report the attached found using IXEG 737 on the net...




  6. Many Thanks guys coroutes in ixeg 737 classic folder solved my problem JC
  7. Hi crisk73 I just created "coroute" folder in the main XP10 aircrafts folder but did not work. So i created "coroute" folder in the main IXED 737 Classic folder but it did not work either. Can you specify in witch folder i must create "coroute" folder and verify if the name "coroute" is good. I normally dont need sketch to understand but in this one i am completely lost ! JC
  8. On X-plane 10, V1.1 This is the FMC message when i try to save this route: Dep: CYQB/06 Arr: KJFK/13L DCT PESVI DCT ILERO DCT KELBO DCT YSC J563 ALB J37 ING Then i type my file name: CYQBKJFK and click to save file then received message "PROBLEM SAVING FILE" Is there something i did wrong ? JC
  9. Hi fffirefly, The main reason is each of those steps have to be known by heart. This also keeps the flow clean and easy to read. i.e.: Step like FMS would required one or more full page to explain ! Those flows are made to show in witch order work is to be done. JC
  10. Gentlemens, I draw a IXEG 737-300 layout diagram using a lot of screen captures of our beloved aircraft in order to build flows of all phases of flight. Thanks to Litjan and to the person who made IXEG733 cockpit layout for giving me autorisation to use it in my 733 flows document. If you wish, it is now yours for free... JC IXEG733-FLOWS_V1.pdf
  11. I hope you did not used IXEG 737 on X-Plane 11 as it is not for X-Plane 11 yet only for X-Plane 10. It will be improved for X-Plane 10 first then and only then will be upgraded to X-Plane 11.
  12. Advanced member ONDR4.cz It does't matter for me. At that scale you will find hundred of tiny differences but seriously only the real Boeing 737CL is 100% like 737CL. As a matter of fact IXEG 737CL does't cost as much. JC
  13. The best you can do is ask rebate ticket for APU fuel until this get fixed.
  14. 737NG but need 737-300 completed first, no variant of this model for me...
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