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  1. I was not making an accusation! I was just explaining what was my mistake and oversight. I am astonished and dismayed at this senseless back and forth. I just wanted some customer service to reverse my mistake! This is ridiculus. Is your business so good that you don't feel the need to help a customer resolve his issue. What is your objective with this banter. Would you prefer to lose a customer and word of mouth? I love flight simming and I have never encountered such a disturbing situation from someone who is a fellow member of this wonderful community. With disappointment
  2. Cameron I was not aware of the process and finality of this. I have purchased several of your products and use them mainly on main sim machine however I wanted to use them on my laptop for tavel. Is there not a way to unlock my Lap top. Your understanding would be greatly appreciated Regards Lee
  3. dental1

    Machine locked

    I did post in the ixeg 737 sub forum and I was moved to this one. Thx Lee
  4. dental1

    Machine locked

    Definitley not joking. Would like some help
  5. dental1

    Machine locked

    Hi I'm a big fan of this plane,but they locked my machine. I sent two support tickets and have not heard anything. I even purchased a second copy in hope that a new licsense would unlock my machine which is a lap top. I don't want to be a pest but you know how it is ,this aircraft is addictive. Help Regards Lee
  6. Jan Thanks for your response. After a couple of flights , I now agree that it adds to the immersion factor with the yokes present. I'm really enjoying this product. Thanks! Lee
  7. Hi Is it possible to hide the yoke in the ixeg 737 thx Lee
  8. mmerelles, Thank you so much for your help! This has been driving me crazy for a long time. I owe you one Regards Lee
  9. HI I have a master /slave set up where the slave is for the outside view and the master pc controls everything else. This great aircraft performs great on the master pc but on the slave pc it the aircraft spins and slides all over the place and the outside scenery spins around also. This situation only occurs with this aircraft and only when the master is connected to the slave. Both pc's work fine with this aircraft when run separately. I'm hoping that some else has encountered this anomaly and can offer some guidance. thx Lee
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