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  1. Winter is coming! Noticed no more Icing visual cues on windshield wipers are existing in 1.33. XP11 Its looks so cool in XP10. Seems it exist on right wiper only, outside view And not exist inside, except little screw on wiper
  2. No below g/s on takeoff in xp 10 version. Its only xp11 issue. In xp 10 all works fine.
  3. Would be correct in 1.3.1?
  4. Confirmed. Working and not fails with Gizmo ver. 18, not working and fails with ver. 20
  5. "Fixed turnoff lights lighting up the MCP" MCP leterring not lit anymore? Only v/s wheel lit. XP11.50 vulcan
  6. Engine Fire Warning Switch is not simulated in IXEG 737 correctly. According to FCOM: Ok. Go to the our aircraft: Fuel valve closed - OK Hyd shutoff valve closed - OK Eng hyd pump LOW PRESS light deactivates - OK Eng bleed air valve not closed - Fail Thrust reverser not disabled - Fail Gen cntl relay not trips off - Fail All tests have been done in air, except thrust rev
  7. Fuel pumps provide sufficient pressure on high altitude. On ground pressure from suction feed is enough for engine work without fuel pump/
  8. Visible on wipes. But in IXEG wing anti-ice not working on ground. And XP11 core begin accumulate ice on wings and eng inlet on aircraft standing on ground in amount of weather conditions - negative temperature, heavy precipitations, strong headwind. I wrote it to Jan several months ago, what in other models of 733 is possible to use wing AI on ground, as indicated in Boeing OM.
  9. Not understand clearly, that system affected due hot bat bus failure via IXEG failures panel. For me its nothing. From this schem http://www.b737.org.uk/schematic-elec.htm hot bat bus energizes APU starter, APU fire exting-r, fire exting-r L & R, but all that systems working due hot bat bus fail.
  10. Confirm, pushback not working for sides, wheels not moving, but all work with other push - like python ground service for example
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