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  1. Looks amazing! How is the cockpit coming?
  2. Will there eventually be a 777-200 variant?
  3. Didn't V3 just come out a few months ago!?!?! What a ripoff!!!!
  4. Will there be a functioning weather radar?
  5. Would you guys mind posting some more pictures? Looking great already!
  6. I disagree. I fly on the 737-300 regularly for work.
  7. WING FLEX IS A MUST HAVE!!!!! Try to put into version 2 if possible.
  8. Videos! Screenshots! ANYTHING, PLEASE! You guys are keeping us in the dark!
  9. maumauthompson

    PMDG Announces First X-Plane Project

    I like the DC-6 but come on!! WHAT ABOUT THE &^*%$# 737!!!
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