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Saab 340A Preview - New Cockpit and Cabin Previews!

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Hi, Folks!,


Rolling on with the news that we have reached release week, here are some more shots showing off the interior of the aircraft!...



A quick shot showing off some of the normal mapping, remove before flight flags, chocks, and 3D props. The chocks and flags can be removed through a menu system we will be showing you soon! Also note the cabin interior through the window.





Some cockpit shots! This is just after startup, and the CRT screens are just heating up enough to turn on. The system is going through alignment as the system powers up. In general, CRT screens take some time to warm up before you even see anything fade in on the screen, and we have modeled this as well!






Below you'll note the AHRS system has aligned and the CRTs are now displaying proper navigational data. The process takes some time for the system to calibrate, just like in real life!






Just showing off some close up switches. This panel contains your throttle quadrant, radios, and some very important autopilot functionality.




More panel shots...








Cabin at night. The cabin features a functional cabin lighting panel just in front of the flight attendant jumpseat. Window shades adjust, overhead and side panel cabin lighting is functional, flight attendant call buttons work, and even the seat reading lights illuminate the seats below them when turned on!




Showing off the night lit panel. Note the CRT screens casting off light!



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FMS?  Come on, Dave!  Real pilots fly using navaid's.



There are two NAV radios, two ADF radios, two RMI's and a LEFT and RIGHT navigation source selector, all tied into two independent, DME equipped EHSI's, with different navigational displays (radial or course bar) an Elapsed Timer display and plenty of other goodies.

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Beautiful guys, just lovely.
What sort of a navigation system does the 340A have (eg custom updatable FMS with LNAV or XP FMS)?


Thanks for the compliments, Dave.


Indeed, as Goran has stated no FMS, as the 'A' is not equipped with one in real life. We do have ideas for a path to the 'B' variant, but nothing firm just yet.


I've said it before, and I'll say it here again...don't let this fool you. The aircraft is still VERY complex in systems programming. The Autopilot, electric bus systems, hydraulics, displays, engine control, etc...it's all custom per spec of the real world AOM for the aircraft. It's nothing like a default X-Plane aircraft.


As much as we've shown off pics, I'm 100% sure people will be shocked at how insane this product is the moment they load it up on their machines. It's that good.

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These kind of planes are raising the bar. I mean there are lot of !@#$ planes out there - even payware. Seeing this plane, definitely a must have! 


Also raising the bar for freeware planes (it's a shame, I have to re-think my hole workflow... ;))

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